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Your question is to vague to answer precisely. Grade and condition make a large difference in value/price. Grade I in poor conditon won't bring but about $100. In contrast, a Grade V Magnum NIB (New In Box) will bring in the neighborhood of $3500. Many books are available for the seller/purchaser to aid in pricing. They also define the different condition (poor, fair, good, V.G., Exc., NIB)

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Q: What is the worth of a BAR rifle 30-06 Belgium ser 9085m7?
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How much is a JCPenney 3006 rifle worth?


When was a wards western field 3006 Mod JEN 757 serial number 2588 made in Belgium with western field X scope manufactured how much is it worth?

You sure this isn't an EJN 757 instead of a JEN 757? I have a EJN 757 in 3006 and would also be interested in any info. for this rifle.

What is a Browning BAR 3006 with Elk engraving worth?

belgium browning bar II safari edition 30-06

Can you shoot a 303 bullet wth a 3006 rifle?


Browning olympian 3006 a bolt belgium made?

It will be marked.

What is the worlds longest rifle shot with a 3006 and a 308 rifle?

I'm not quite sure about the 3006, but I know that the longest recorded kill shot with a .308 was at about one and a half miles, possibly more.

What is a model 1917 3006 rifle worth Winchester?

depending on condition, anywhere from $100 to $1000. These ARE collectable firearms, but value is based on condition and originality.

What is the Value of Birmingham small arms rifle 3006?


What is the value of a colt coltsman rifle 3006 cal?

100-500 USD

How do you remove bolt to clean Remington 700 bdl 3006 rifle?


What is the value of a bsa 3006 rifle bolt action?

100-400 or so

What is the value of a bsa 3006 rifle 1972?

50-500 USD or so

What is value of a grade 2 3006 belgium browning?

100-10000 USD depending on specifics.

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check on: under rifle stocks

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100-425 USD

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no. The J C Higgins brand was not used until much later.

What is the value of a 1958 Winchester model 70 rifle?

1958 model 70 Winchester 3006 good condition

What is a sears 53A 3006 bolt action worth?

100-400 USD

Cooey 71 3006 worth good shape?

50-160 USD

How much is my Remington 700 3006 worth?

About $250, depending on which version and condition.

What was the last year the belgium browning 3006 safari 2 was made?

Please contact Browning on this question at the link below

What is the value of a belgium made 3006 browning automatic rifle serial 60713m9?

Assuming a Grade I Condition is important: NIB EXC V.G. Good Fair Poor 650 450 375 300 250 125 Belgian manufactured rifles are worth about 15% above these prices. Grade II and III are higher. $250 and up

How much is a Stevens west field 3006 110 model k worth?


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100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

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