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What is the year when Jupiter will come close to earth?


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It is in 2022 when Jupiter will come close to earth.

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Yes, comets come very close to the Earth each year. These comets can be seen passing by the Earth with a telescope.

No, Jupiter isn't going to be any closer to the Earth in 2011 than in any other year.

There are 4332.71 Earth days in a year on Jupiter.

A Jupiter year is between 11 and 12 earth years.Jupiter's year is 12 Earth years.A year on Jupiter lasts 4331.572 Earth days.

a year on Jupiter is 11 Earth years

Out of Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, Jupiter has the longest year.

a Jupiter year is an approximately 12 Earth years, or 5380 Earth days.

A year on Jupiter is the amount of time for Jupiter to make one full revolution around the sun. The "year" on Jupiter takes 4331.57 Earth days (11.86 Earth years).Because Jupiter spins much faster than Earth, its day is as little as 9.84 Earth hours. This works out to 10,563 "Jupiter days" in a "Jupiter year."

The "year" on Jupiter takes 4331.57 Earth days (11.86 Earth years).

4332 Earth days a year on Jupiter

A year on Jupiter lasts 11 earth year's

Yes; some come close enough to crash with planet Earth - as was the case, for example, in the Tunguska (Siberia) in the year 1908.

One Earth year is one Earth year, whether experienced on Earth or on Jupiter.One Jovian year is 11.86 Earth years, so one Earth year is 0.084 Jovian years.

a year on jupiter is 12 earth years long

There are 11.86 Earth years in one Jupiter year, so there would be about 4,330.9 Earth days in one year on Jupiter. Taking leap years in consideration, of course.

It is because Earth is near to the Sun and Jupiter is far so when Earth turns 11 turns (years) it will be 1 year in Jupiter...

There are 4015 earth days in a Jupiter year. jupter's year is equal to 11 earth years. 365 times 11 equals 4015.

One year on Jupiter is equal to 11 Earth years

I don't know how many days, but 12 Earth years is in 1 Jupiter Year.

it takes 12 earth year for Jupiter to make one year

Well 24/9.84=2.43, and 365.25*2.43=887.5575887.5575 Jupiter days in an earth year. :)

Jupiter orbits the Sun in about 11.9 Earth years. An Earth year is about 365.25 Earth days on average. So the answer is about 11.9 x 365.25 = about 4346 Earth days.

It takes 12 earth years to make one whole year on Jupiter.

There are only leap years on Earth, so there is no such thing as a leap year on Jupiter.

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