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Thorium is not used for everyday life.

Some thorium uses:

- fertile material (as ThO2) in nuclear power reactors; is a precursor of the fissile isotope 233U.

- thorium dioxide can be used as refractory material for crucibles, tubes, rods, etc.

- thorium tetrafluoride (ThF4) is used as anti-reflection coating in optics.

- gas mantles (as ThO2)

- alloying metal for some aviation components (magnesium-thorium alloy, magnesium-zinc-thorium); also for welding alloys wolfram-thorium

- additive (as ThO2) in wolfram filaments - to stop crystalline growth of W and to increase time of use of light bulbs

- catalyst in organic chemistry (as ThO2)

- additive for special glass (as ThO2)

- additive in filaments (as ThO2) of magnetron tubes

- reagent in chemistry laboratories (as thorium nitrate)

- etc.

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Q: What is thorium used for everyday life?
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