What is too long to have a clogged ear?

If you have had no trama to the ear, you are not a swimmer, and are not feeling sick (fever, sore throat, congestion) you may have a build up of ear wax. You can try to run warm water, just slightly warmer than body temp. in your ear and let it sit for 4-5 mins. Then try to flush it out again. If trying this is not successful you can try a little hydrogen peroxide in your ear for 5 mins. They also sell wax softeners for ears at the pharmacy. Do Not stick anything in your ear canal not even a cotton swab!!!! It will only pack it in worse. If this does not work you need to see your dr. If you have any of the things that I first listed (trama, swimmer, or illness) You probably have an ear infection and need to see a Dr. soon. If left untreated you may rupture your eardrum and cause perminate damage and hearing loss.