What is tourette's disease and how is it passed on through birth?

Tourettes Syndrome is a neorological disorder characterized by involuntary body movements (motor tics),which can make the individual violent,and vocal outbursts (vocal tics),which can make the individual curse and swear and have outbursts of obscenities.The individual,most of the time,is not aware of doing these things and when they are aware of doing them,then it can be quite embarrassing,which can then make the individual worsen.It is known that being under increased stress brings on the tourettes but the absolute cause of Tourettes is unknown and no cure yet exists yet there are ways to lessen the symptoms (i.e medication,therapy,and alternative treatments).It should also be noted that most persons with Tourettes do not require medication. As for how it is passed on through birth,well the symptoms vary in severity from having no more than minor patterns of repetitive behaviour,motor ticks,to the most notorious syptom of an uncontrollable urge to utter swearwords and obscenities,though I cannot see it being this as we would probably all have some form of tourettes that has been passed down through the years as it is more common than you may think,it's just sometimes not very severe.The best thing you can do about finding out about how it can be passed on through birth really would be to speak to a doctor.