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Transportism is a socially embedded attitude of prejudice towards users of certain modes of transport. In particular, it is prejudice against all those who do not use motor transport: those who walk, cycle, or use public transport; either out of choice or due to economic situation or disability.

Transportism by the way is not a generally recognized social issue: the word was invented by an Australian radio host under the heading "Greg's Grumbles" and was at least partially aimed at tickling the audience's funny bone.
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How are cars transported?

New cars from the factory are typically taken from the car plant toa rail road by a car hauling truck specifically for vehicles, therail then ships it to another rail head then the car hauling trucksmove them to the dealers. For personally owned vehicle or vehiclealready at a dealership you would hi ( Full Answer )

What is a transporter?

a transporter is someone who takes people to their destanations like in the 2nd transporter hes a proffessional driver and picks that little kid up all the time and plays a game with him

What is transportation?

Transportation is defined as the movement of people, goods, or animals from one place to another. Here are the different modes of transportation: . air . water . cable . pipeline . space . road Transportation is the act of moving something from one location tothe next.

What is Transportion?

Transportation is the act of getting a person, or thing from oneplace to another. Some of the different modes of transportationinclude cars, trucks, trains, bicycles, skateboards, skates, andplanes.

What is transport?

Transport is something that carries people or cargo.The official definition of the word transport is "take or carry(people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle,aircraft, or ship."

Active transport passive transport?

Active Transport- When molecules move from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration Passive Transport- When molecules move from an area of higher concentration ot an area of higher concentration (also called diffusion)

Functions of transport?

transport plays a vital role in a business. the hindrance of place is solved only by transportation.the buyer will be in one place and the seller will be in another place,so how the trade or exchange of goods and services takes place,only through transportation i.e by transferring goods to places wh ( Full Answer )

What transport do they have in India?

I hope you are referring to means of transportation. In India, youhave buses, cars, taxis, auto rickshaws, trains, cycle rickshaws,planes.

What are the Aztec transportation?

The Aztecs had roads, but no animals or wheeled vehicles to use on them. This meant all the roads were used fo foot travell only. An additional note in reference to traveling by foot, sandals were worn only for battle and long distance travel. They did have the wheel, which has been found numer ( Full Answer )

How do you transport your cat?

There are a lot of different cat carriers that you can buy to transport your cat. If you are flying, you will need to get a carrier that follows airline guidelines. Some cats can get motion sickness, so it's best not feed your cat before you get on your way. If it is a long trip, make sure your anim ( Full Answer )

Importance of transportation?

Transportation is important for numerous reasons. For one, itallows people to get to where they want to go. Whether by car,train, bus, motorcycle, or even airplane, transportation connectsthe world and makes it universally smaller. Transportation, ofcourse, it also used for shipping goods across the ( Full Answer )

What is a transportation agent?

A transportation agent is an employee who transports goods from oneplace to another. These could be employees delivering goods,packages, or mail.

What is transport number?

Transport number is the fraction of the total current carried by a given ion in an electrolyte

What is active transport and passive transport?

Active Transport . Movement from Low Concentration to High Concentration . ATP used . Opposite diffusion Passive transport . Movement from High Concentration to Low Concentration . No energy needed . Is diffusion Active Transport- When molecules move from an area of lower concentrat ( Full Answer )

Passive transport and active transport?

passive transport does not require energy (i.e. no ATP molecules involved) eg diffusion, osmosis active transport requites expenditure of energy (i.e. ATP molecules involved) eg sodium-potassium pump

What is a transportation?

Transport that allows an Item/object or person to get from one place to another. Some types of transport include: Vehicles, Aeroplanes, Boats, Bike etc.

How do you get in the transporter?

\nTo get back to spargus city you up to the left column on the southeast side of the port where there is a big blue transporter. \nyou go to the big blue transporter next to the left column southeast of the port

Why is facilitated transport a passsive transport?

Facilitaed Transport is a passive transport because its the samething. the process is carried out by an enzyme-like carrier. Sinceit doesn't require energy it is passive

Is geothermal transported?

Geothermal energy is harnessed from the natural heat of theEarth. ... To produce electricity, hot water or steam extractedfrom high temperature geothermal reservoirs in the Earth'scrust is piped to steam turbines at electric utilities that drivegenerators.

What is the transportation in Kentucky?

Kentucky has all the normal modes of transportation, including cars, boats, buses, trains, planes and in some areas horse and carriage.

How is an Xbox transported?

First, you should go to a delivery area that you can send it to. You package it up and do their directions. After you sent it to them, their delivery trucks are sending it to the Microsoft Corporation area depending on where it is sent. The whole process takes about a month or two until you get it c ( Full Answer )

Types of transport?

There are many types of transport. Air transport (planes, helicopters, etc), road transport (cars, trucks, trains, buses), and water transport (boats, ships etc)

How does animals transport?

depending on the animal there is using your feet ang swimming or flying but there is so much more

How do hobos transport?

They usually have to walk, but they can afford it, they'll ride a bike or a bus.

How were furs transported?

Furs are transported by walking, boat, or car. it is mainly shipped by ships more.

What is transportation in rivers?

Transportation is the process by which fragments of rock are moved from one place to another. The rock can be transported by ice, wind or water. Weathering and transportation together are called erosion.

Where do gondoliers transport you?

Gondoliers are oarsmen of the water taxi boats called "Gondolas" ofthe city of Venice. Thus they transport you round the canals ofVenice.

What are the Aztecs transportation?

The Aztecs used donkeys for carrying goods to the market and mostly walked. They also used boats for crossing lakes

What is world transportation?

there lots transportation in the earth, but there's 3 kinds: with the machine, with feet: pedicab,bicycle and with the animals: horse, buffalo and donkey

How is honey transported?

A honey bee has two stomachs. The nectar they extract, half of itgoes to their stomach for energy while the rest goes into the otherstomach where it is processed into honey, which they transport backto the hive. Companies that transport honey extract this honey fromthe hive , store it in jars and se ( Full Answer )

Which is transported by phloem?

phloem is the living tissue that carries organic nutrients (known as photosynthate ), in particular, sucrose , [1] asugar, Minerals

When did transportation end?

Transportation of convicts to Australia ended when the last convictship left Britain in 1867 and arrived in Australia on 10 January1868. This ship, the "Hougoumont", brought its final cargo of 269convicts to Western Australia, as New South Wales had abolishedtransportation of convicts in 1840.

What is the transportation for Manhattan?

Yellow Taxis, Buses, Trains, Cars (the type people own and drive around..... some people have a garage in their apartment complex, most have to pay to put their car in a garage when they are not using it). People who don't have cars sometimes call a car service (town cars with a driver) -- these cos ( Full Answer )

Is Swimming a transport?

Yes, technically it is a method of transportation although it is not a very practical one.

Did the Aztecs have a transportation?

The Aztec had no means of transportation other then walking. their roads were designed for foot traffic only. they did have the concept of the wheel as these were found to be used in children toys but that was the only use they had for it.

What is intramodal transportation?

Intramodal transport refers to transportation of goods, along withlogistics functions to complete the process, usually it's in onetransport mode operations.

What does the transport system of a cell transport?

If you mean the transport system in our bodies, it transports (moves) materials from where we get them to where they need to go. It is the circulatory system.All cells need the same basic things glucose and oxygen for respiration, amino acids.

What is air transportation used to transport?

For rapid delivery over long distances, air transportation is a logical but more costly choice. Larger products and large quantities of a product are moved by cargo planes while smaller parcels are carried on many types of planes

What is the active transport and passive transport?

Active transport is the movement of a substance across a cell membrane against its concentration gradient and Passive transport means moving biochemicals and other atomic or molecular substances across membranes.

What type of transport is bulk transport?

Bulk transport of commercial items requires commercially licensedtrucks driven by license professionals. 3PL and transport companiesare known for their ability to bulk transport items across statesand even countries.

What is road transport or road transportation?

Road transport and road transportation differ in such away that the first one is a British English and the latter is an American English. Both of them have the same meaning which is the transport of passenger or goods on the road.

How does it transportation?

The companies which offer IT Transportation services, delivers orship servers and storage arrays to the desired places of clients.

What is the transportation?

Transport or transportation is the movement of people,animals and goods from one location to another.