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Trival music is a Dance type of music popular in Mexico and on the Latino community in which you do not need a parter to dance, dancing around the dance floor. With unique movement (made up) with the rythm of Mexican cumbia but with repeated 3 second sounds. It has become really popular around the young Latino community in some states of the united states of America. It is suppost to be a new genre of music but it only has developed popularity in teenagers between 14 and 18.
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What is white trivalent passivate my UK customer specifies zinc plate white trivalent passivate?

Trivalent Passivates . A 'trivalent passivate' is a 'conversion coating' applied to a zinc surface. It is called a 'conversion coating' because it converts the zinc to a coating comprising zinc and trivalent chromium salts. These products and processes have been developed in response to End-of-Li ( Full Answer )

What is music?

The dictionary says: 1 the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion : he devoted his life to music. • the vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way : couples were dancing to the music | baroque music. ( Full Answer )

Why do we have music?

We have music because it makes us alive.... Music can make you sat or happy or make you wanna cry.... Music is feelings.... Short said: It holds us alive...!. it sings to your heart:)

What did they do for music?

Depends on who you are talking about, the pirates out side of Britain that broadcasted rock music called Radio Rock, they did alot for music and they will always keep rockin and doing what they've been doing.

What is music for?

for when you are happy, sad, bored, excited, interested, depressed or working. It sets a mood like no other. there is always a song that will represent your mood, asking what music is for is like asking why people breathe. Don't ask that question again. tianac1@bigpond.com

What music is there?

Not very well said. A type of music is called a "genre" [pronounced, John-ra]. There are many types of genres, pop, rock, hiphop, rap, RnB. Theres too much to list, but if you typed "Different Genres" into google, you'll be amazed how many there are.

What is the music out there'?

Do you mean different kinds of music? There are many different kinds of music. Just google "music genres" and it should come up with heaps! On the top of my head Blues, Country, Experimental, Indie, Folk, Acoustic, Instrumental, Classical, Dance, House, Electro, Techno, Rock, Alternative, Metal, H ( Full Answer )

What can you do with Music?

Music is a form of art. Art is meant to be shared. So the ultimate goal of music is to share it with people, and evoke emotion. Its incredibly powerful.

Where are the musics?

Music is everywhere. As demonstrated by John Cage's 4:33, (a piece performed on any instrument in which no sound is produced by the performer) anything can be music. The mere background noises that we take for granted can become musical. It is all based on our mind frame when we are listening.

Where to get music?

In the music store or the music section in the department store. You can also download online by using limewire ( search google to download program).

What is music about?

Music is about a lot of things. It can be releasing your emotionswithout having to go into a deep explanation, because theexplanation is in the music. It can also be sharing stories, orteaching lessons. Music is about communication, even if you write apiece of music just to yourself. However, music ( Full Answer )

How do you get music?

You can get music from many places you can go to websites like zamzar or you can download programs like frostwire or limewire.

How can you get music?

You Can Go To ITunes.com For Music But Sometimes Some Of The Websites Are For I Pods Or MP3 Players But Some Of Them Are For Both IPod And MP3 Players But If You Can't Find Music Then Go On Google.com And Search For Music Thank You For Reading Bye Have A Nice day

What does music do?

Music can awaken emotions in people and occasionally animals. Itcan make them feel energetic, sad, happy, or bring out the feelingthat the person happens to be feeling at that time. Music can evenjust make you feel so much better. The effects of music can bedifferent for different people, and some p ( Full Answer )

Music what is it?

What an interesting question. This is a question that can yield millions of different answers, it all depends on how you look at it. According to Music: In Theory and Practice by Bruce Benward, "Music is an art of sound and time, and the basic characteristics of musical tone - pitch, duration, inten ( Full Answer )

What is musical?

"Musical" in its adjective sense means something is formed in a way that resembles or is music; It usually has (but not always all of:) tempo, pitch changes, volume dynamics, and rythm.

What are the trivalent elements?

For example, if Nitrogen has the electronic configuration 1s2 2s2 2p3; its trivalent because it needs 3 more electrons to complete its octect rule.

Where was music from?

Music is from the human soul. Every cuture had it from the beginning. It started of as just hitting logs and evolved with the rest of humanity...

What elements are trivalent?

The trivalent ions forming ionic bonds are , Al +3 , Fe +3 , Cr +3 and others , The trivalent atoms forming the covalent bonds are , N, P, As, Sb, B, and others.

How did you get music?

i get music from youtube and i -pod , i-phone,etc.you could get musics from teacher or radio.I know that everyone love musics.

What does music does to you?

Music is an amazing thing that relaxes the soul, raises the spirits, and heals without a cost. Music is a mystery. Music is a wonder. Music restores run energy and HP faster than just resting.

Hou did music get the name music?

Music comes from the (ansient) greek word: μούσες (muses), which in ancient Greek mythology where the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. The word "music" was also derived from the Greek word musique , meaning pleasant sound.

Where do you get the music?

There are many online services that you can purchase digital sheet music from, like musicnotes.com for example, or you can order scores directly from various music publishers. If you need the music in a more permanent form, Borders carries a respectable selection of pop songbooks and some musical th ( Full Answer )

What is a univalent cation and a trivalent cation?

The 'valency' of a cation describes the free orbitals it has to accept lewis electrons. For example, potassium is monovalent (or univalent), and only has one empty orbital to accept electrons, whereas calcium is divalent, and has two empty orbitals, (and a 2+ charge) to accept donor electrons for le ( Full Answer )

If you did not have music?

Then the world would be a boring place. Even with movies, because there would be no music to help the movie make an impact.

Why is a rondo music a rondo music?

A rondo is usually an old-fashioned piece of music. It is a piece of a larger work, such as a sonata or suite, and its musical form is usually ABABA, ABACA, or ABACABA. It can also be known as a rondeau, if composed by a French composer, such as Jean Philippe Rameau.

What musical can you do?

you can perform any musical as long as it isn't on broadway. any other musical you can license and put on.

What music is in Cats the musical?

The Song Of Jellicles Memory Old Deuteronomy Mongojerrie and Rumpleteazer Mactivity Shimbleshanks Mr MIstoffles Grizabella Journey to the heavenside layer rum tum tugger

Why do you have musicals?

Musicals as in plays. If so it is because they are more emotional than regular plays and therefore people have liked them more since plays were invented.

How can they get your music?

Buy CD's in stores, buy off a music website, OR, my personally favorite, Fale sharing, its not illegal and it's completely free, like Frostwire, it's a program that you download on to your computer and you can get mainly music. But if you want music and MORE, then just download utorrent, and then go ( Full Answer )

Where to get music from?

Your local record store. Or you can buy music online via sites like Amazon. You can also buy 'tm from via iTunes.

How do you get music for your music?

I usually us itunes, but that's because i have a netbook. If you have a computer with a slot for cd's you can save you cd's onto "your music.

What music did the can can have?

The Can-Can is an excerpt from Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld symphony, which is a work of romantic era music.

What year was Music Music Music written?

The biggest-selling version of the song was recorded by Teresa Brewer on December 20, 1949. Originally written by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum and published in 1949.

What are trivalent and pentavalent impurities?

Doping is the process of adding impurity atoms to intrinsic silicon or germanium to improve the conductivity of the semiconductor. The term impurity is used to describe the doping elements. Two element types are used for doping: trivalent and pentavalent. A trivalent element is one that has three va ( Full Answer )

Where can you get music from?

Depends. If you've got money to spend, I've found that iTunes provides the most quality audio files and has a great selection. Otherwise you could use the link (under the related links section), where you can convert a Youtube video to an mp3 file for free. Pandora is also another option if you want ( Full Answer )

Who are musical?

Anyone who can sing, play an instrument, dance, read music, conduct, or compose music would be considered musical.

Why is there music?

Music is a way of expressing your feelings. Music is life. Music is what can bring people together. Music is here because for some of us..it is our passion! :)

What movie and television projects has Vesna Trivalic been in?

Vesna Trivalic has: Played Dusica Veljkovic in "Spadijer-jedan zivot" in 1986. Played Ljiljana Popovic in "Bolji zivot" in 1987. Performed in "The Seventh Day" in 1987. Played Andja in "Vidim ti ladju na kraju puta" in 1987. Played Buca in "Oktoberfest" in 1987. Played Sluzavka in "Vec vidjeno" in 1 ( Full Answer )

What is trivalent element?

A trivalent element is one that can form up to three bonds to otherelements. Nitrogen is the most common trivalent non-metal andaluminum is the most common trivalent metal.