What is true about terrorism or acts of terror?

Both biological attack and nuclear warfare

Mr. Hoffman's definintion of terrorism. I believe his association of terroism with violence does not encompass terrorism as a whole. Terrorism is simply an act conducted by either an individual or group to dishearten or drastically affect the psychological state of the intended audience, instill terror. In other words do something so horrific that the other kids dont want to play any more. Growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia I witnessed this ideoligy. A smaller individual or group would do something so terrible that no one in there right mind would want to bother them or disrupt ther daily way of life. The best and most horrific incident when this occured was when the U.S. dropped Fat Man and Little Boy on Japan, shortly after the war was over. These weapons scared the world so much that no country has attacked the U.S. since. If a country was able hack into foreign financial systems and stop the movement of all soft money. They too could achieve a similar result. Terrorism is not about violence at all, it is just the preferred method.