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What is ultrasonic velocity?

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Ultrasound is sound above the range of human hearing, Sonic(20 to 20,000Hz) Human Hearing Range Sub-Sonic(20,000Hz) Ultrasonic velocity is the speed in which sound propogates in a certain material. It depends on material density & elasticity. Velocity is constant for a given material. Ultrasound is sound above the human hearing range. Sonic(20 to 20,000Hz) human hearing range, Sub-sonic(20,000Hz). Ultrasonic velocity is the speed in which sound travels through a given material. It is affected by density and elasticity. Velocity remains constant in a given material.

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What is the standard value of velocity and wavelenght of ultrasonic waves in benzene?

The standard value of velocity of ultrasonic waves in benzene liquid is 1260 m/sec.

What is the velocity of ultrasonic wave in kerosene?


What Value remains constant in ultrasonic testing?

In general ultrasonic velocity is considered as a constant value relative to the material.

How are ultrasonic waves detected by acoustic grating?

by finding the velocity

Velocity of ultrasonic waves in water?

Its 1500 m/sec.

How can you find volumetric properties using ultrasonic velocity?


What is the difference between ultrasonic and supersonic waves?

Ultrasonic waves are those, whose frequencies are above the frequency range of human ears (normally 20kHz). Whereas supersonic waves are those, which travel faster than sound, i.e. whose velocity is more than the velocity of sound waves.

What are the properties of ultrasonic waves?

THE ULTRASONIC WAVES have constant velocity in homogeneous medium. Many modes of vibration. High resolution,used for flaw detection Sonic beam and highly energetic. reflection and refraction in elastic

What is the name of the ultrasonic documentation that records velocity mapping and imaging?

Doppler echocardiography Doppler echocardiography Doppler echocardiography Doppler echocardiography

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is cleaning through ultrasonic waves with some chemicals.

What is the value of velocity of ultrasonic sound in water?

It should be about the same as the speed of normal sound. The speed of sound varies a bit, depending on the frequency, but usually that is not much.

What are the industrial and medical applications of ultrasonic waves?

industrial applications ultrasonic cleaning,ultrasonic cutting,ultrasonic machining,metal forming,metal welding, medical applications

What are the applications of ultrasonic sound waves?

The most common application of ultrasonic sound is in medical and other ultrasonic imaging.

What are the industrial applications of ultrasonic waves?

industrial applications of ultrasonic waves: 1. ultrasonic welding 2. ultrasonic cleaning. 3. ultrasonic drilling. 4. ultrasonic soldering. +++ 5. Flaw detection in metals etc. And many others if you stretch the term "industrial to include, say, medical!

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum does the ultrasonic wave falls into?

An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.

Medical industrial applications of ultrasonics?

Industrial applications 1.ultrasonic drilling2.ultrasonic welding3.ultrasonic soldering4.ultrasonic cleaningMedical applications1.In cardiology

What are ultrasonic sounds?

Ultrasonic sounds are sounds that are above our hearing range.

Explain how ultrasonic waves can be produced in the laboratory?

using ultrasonic interferometer

Is ultrasonic wave radio frequency?

ultrasonic wave is sound frequency

What has the author Eric D Swain written?

Eric D. Swain has written: 'Effects of horizontal velocity variations on ultrasonic velocity measurements in open channels' -- subject(s): Stream measurements, Channels (Hydraulic engineering), Speed, Ultrasonic waves, Instruments 'A coupled surface-water and ground-water flow model (MODBRANCH) for simulation of stream-aquifer interaction' -- subject(s): Computer simulation, Streamflow, Groundwater flow

Name of birds that can hear ultrasonic sound?

bats can hear ultrasonic sound

How can you trace ultrasonic waves?

What?! Trace ultrasonic waves? Are you one hundred per cent cuckoo?! Why would anyone trace ultrasonic waves these days??

Is velocity of ultrasonic sound depends on density?

Yes - on density but not frequency. Sound (of any frequency) travels much more rapidly through water, for example, than through air.

What is a sentence with ultrasonic in it?

When an object starts to move at ultrasonic speeds it will create a sonic boom.

Which animals can hear ultrasonic sound waves?

whale can hear ultrasonic sound waves.