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What is underwater grass?


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its called alge


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A grass that grows underwater.

in the underwater grass but he is rare.

Underwater, in the grass outside Sootopolis City.

To get relicanth u need to go to sootpolis.. dive out o the town... in the city entrance ( underwater ) there are some grass underwater.. swim around that grass.. to find it.. good luck :)

underwater in the tall grass but u have to search a while

Relicanth can be found on Sootopolis City.Dive underwater and look for it at the grass.

Plants that grow entirely underwater. Elodea and eel grass are examples.

Relicanth can be found in the grass underwater..u need dive for this.

Swans are vegans. Their diet consists of underwater vegans or grass and other plants.

they can but they prefer eating underwater food plants grass or bread:!

An adaptation of tape grass is that the plant starts growing essentially underwater, and the stalks grow to the surface of the water. It also grows year round.

Ok in ruby,emerald and sapphire you need to dive underwater and you go into the underwater grass. In platium,pearl and diamond and go to route 230 and use super rod there.

A duck is a consumer because it does not eat dead animals. It eats grass and underwater plants.

Use Dive in dark patches in the sea and go in the underwater grass/seaweed till you find one

They are hidden in grass (underwater and above water) and in rocks and walls. Press A, and you should find the shard.

Sea grass survives by absorbing sunlight and performing a special photosynthesis, due to the fact that it's underwater.

moose eat many types of plantsMoose eat underwater grass, seaweed, plants.

Just dive underwater and find grass where relicanth is and use sweet scent.

Near Sootopolis, on the underwater patches of grass. I recommend using a White Flute to attract Relicant easier.

The answer is well No! everything you need to get is the HM dive and go underwater and search where there's grass. Good Luck!

No, not really. They hang out underwater all day. At night they graze on grasslandsand there isn't any grass in the desert.

Go to Sootopolis city, go to the bottom part where you can dive then go underwater go out the door and on the grass around there will be the Relicrap

Swans feed almost entirely on underwater vegetation. However, in winter they sometimes also eat grass or grains.

Swans feed almost entirely on underwater vegetation. However, in winter they sometimes also eat grass or grains.

Relicanth is in Underwater near Sootopolis City. I suggest to use move Sweet Scent (some grass pokemon have this move), so you can find underwater pokemon easily. You know, underwater pokemon only appear in seaweed, and Relicanth is quite rare. So, good luck, honey! :D

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