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What is undigested food called?

by product

How do starfish get rid of their undigested food?

Because of their method of digesting food externally, there is not much food that gets undigested within a sea star. Wastes from digestion are excreted through the anus on top of the sea star or through the water vascular system.

What waste does the digestive system get rid of?

The digestive system gets rid of undigested solid food wastes in the form of feces.

Difference between elimination and excretion?

elimination is the removal of wastes and undigested food from the body but excretion is the removal of only metabolic wastes which are wastes that have been produced by chemical reactions of the body cells. excretion is a type of elimination.

How does amoeba excretion work?

Amoeba possess a contractile vacuole for excretion and osmoregulation . Undigested food is excreted by exocytosis . Some wastes wastes, and CO2 are excreted through the plasma membrane by diffusion .

Which two materials are excreted from the body?

Many materials are excreted from the body. These include carbon dioxide, nitrogenous wastes, and undigested food waste.

Which part of the digestive system do the laxatives act on?

Laxatives typically work on the large intestine. This organ is the site of the processing of solid undigested food wastes.

Waste exit the paramecium through what structure?

Undigested food is eliminated via cytopyge while water and other wastes through contractile vacuole .

What do bacteria do to undigested food when it reaches your colon?

Bacteria disintegrate the undigested food further.

Which undigested food passes out of the body?

Feces is the term for undigested food that passes out of the body.

What happens to undigested food in the large intestine?

The undigested food is passed on to large intestine where water is absorbed from the undigested food and it become almost semi-solid. Now the undigested food is acted upon by putrefying bacteria which convert the undigested food into faeces are stored in the rectum from where the egected out through anus and it is controlled by anal sphincter.

How an earthworms feeds and digest it's food?

From the mouth the soil moves to the crop, where it is stored . Behind the crop is a muscular structure called the gizzard. Here, the soil and food are ground. In the intestine, the food is broken down and absored by the blood . Undigested soil and wastes leave the worm through the anus.

What is the sentence of undigested?

The woman's vomit contained undigested food.Forensic scientists can determine an approximate time of death from the presence of undigested food in the stomach.

What is the difference between undigested food and matabolic waste?

what is the difference between undigested food and metabolic waste

What happen to digested food and undigested food?

digested food passes through the cell membranes and the undigested food is just staying in the large intestine

What area of the digestive system removes water from undigested food?

The large intestine removes water from undigested food.

Do capillaries exchange food and oxygen for wastes and carbon dioxide from the tissues?

Yes, they do. Just as humans do.

Why is it important to eliminate wastes from your body?

the build up of wastes in the human body should be prevented. some wastes like urea and even salt, cause harm to cerain organs, these are examples of harmful wastes. on the other hand we have undigested food, now, if we do not excrete, will our body be able to continue taking in food? we need to give out the substances so that the same cycle can take place again. the kidneys play an important role in the excretion of harmful wastes

Why is there undigested food in the rectum which would be passed out of the body?

The rectum holds the undigested food until it is ready to be passed out of the body.

How are the undigested portions of the food eliminated?

Undigested portions of food is eliminated through the anal canal as fecal matter (poop).

Why is removal of undigested food not excretion?

it is

What happens to undigested food?

undigested food will either go to your appendix or it will go out the drain.What_happensto_undigestive_food_after_digestion

What process occurs only in the large intestine?

Undigested food passes along through the large intestine, here the water is absorbed from the undigested food into the body. Once it has passed along the undigested food ends up in the rectum.

What happens to undigested food in a human?

When food is undigested, it stays in your colon and is unable to be broken down. This could lead to pain, infections, and blockages.

What is the medical term meaning process by which undigested food is removed from the body?

Defecation or elimination is the process of removing undigested food (feces) from the body.