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Any rock or mineral containing economically recoverable quantities of Uranium compounds is a Uranium ore. These compounds are most commonly various oxides, silicates, titanates, phosphates, vanadates, arsenates, etc. of Uranium.

To get pure Uranium metal from the ore various processes can be used, but a basic outline of the steps goes something like:

  1. Crush the ore to particles roughly the size of dust.
  2. Mix with chemicals to dissolve the crushed ore and change the oxidation state of the Uranium separating it chemically from the ore molecules.
  3. Mix with chemicals that cause the separated Uranium atoms to react with them, forming a precipitate (a Uranium oxide called yellowcake).
  4. Filter the solution, the Uranium precipitate will stay in the filter while the rest passes through as waste. Wash in the filter to make sure none of the waste remains to contaminate the Uranium precipitate.
  5. Dry the yellowcake powder.
  6. Mix yellowcake with magnesium metal granules and heat red hot in a crucible. The mixture will ignite leaving Uranium metal in the bottom of the crucible and magnesium oxide slag on top.

Uranium is usually enriched first for reactors and bombs instead of just being converted to metal, also most power reactors use enriched yellowcake not the pure metal. To enrich Uranium the basic outline goes something like this:

  1. Mix yellowcake with nitric acid, then ammonia, then hydrogen gas, then hydrofluoric acid, then fluorine gas to produce Uranium hexafluoride.
  2. The Uranium hexafluoride it heated to become a gas in an enrichment plant (e.g. gaseous diffusion, gas centrifuge). The products are enriched Uranium hexafluoride (e.g. more Uranium-235) and depleted Uranium hexafluoride (e.g. less Uranium-235) from opposite ends of the plant.
  3. The Uranium hexafluoride (of either or both types is converted back to yellowcake.
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Q: What is uranium ore and how is uranium obtained from it?
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Is iron ore uranium ore?

Uranium ore is not...uranium ore !

Which mineral is radium obtained?

pitchblende was the first, but any good uranium ore will do as it is a daughter element of uranium's decay.

How do you use the word obtained in a sentence?

Uranium is obtained from an ore called pitchblende. They were able to buy the house as soon as they obtained a loan.

What kind of mixture uranium ore?

Uranium ore is a heterogeneous mixture

An important ore of uranium is called?

An important ore of uranium is called Pitchblende.

What does uranium ore make?

Uranium is extracted from uranium ores.

What is the metal ore of pitchblende?

Pitchblende is the ore of Uranium

Does uranium ore mined run geothermal power?

Uranium ore mining don't release geothermal power.

What is uranium ore used for?


What kind of ore is urananite?

Uraninite, AKA pitchblende, is an ore of uranium.

What is the ore of uranium?

The most common minerals of uranium are uraninite and carnalite.

How do you extract silver from uranium ore?

Silver is not extracted from uranium ores.

What color is uranium ore?

See the link below for uranium minerals.

How many pounds of uranium are in one ton of uranium ore?

Your Mother

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Uranium is not easily obtained; and the technology of plutonium is extremely difficult.

How is the element Osmium obtained?

It is obtained from ore of platinum.

What was the name of the ore from which marie curie obtained radium?

Pitchblende is a radioactive mineral composed of the mineral uraniumite. It is one of the main mineral ores of uranium.

How are the natural sources of uranium obtained?

Uranium is extracted from mines, from uranium ores.

What is a uranium ore?

A chunk of rock or metal that has uranium mixed in with something else.

Can you buy uranium? sells uranium ore(low radioactivity) but they are out of stock.

Is uranium ore available?

Yes, uranium ores are available in many countries.

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What ore is in Australia?

Uranium,titanium and iron

What is the mineral autunite used for?

It is an ore of uranium.

Is there uranium in Michigan?

Not mentioned as an ore reserve