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to protect a circuit from damaging

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Q: What is use of decoupling capacitor?
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Which capacitor can be used in decoupling?

ceramic capacitors

What is the effect on voltage gain in a common emitter amplifier when the decoupling capacitor is removed?

A: The emitter decoupling capacitor sole function is to increase gain at hi frequency

What is the use of decoupling capacitor?

The purpose of a decoupling capacitor is to decouple one part of a circuit from another. Decouple means to provide isolation. It's used to keep unwanted interference from one part of a circuit from impacting another.

Can you replace a 25v 680uf capacitor with a 25v 1000uf capacitor?

It's ok except in a few circuits which use the capacitor to control the frequency response of the circuit. In power supplies or for general decoupling it would be perfectly ok.

Why PNP and NPN are used in direct coupling?

To save a decoupling capacitor & biasing resistors for the PNP.

What is the difference between bypass capacitor and decoupling capacitor?

hi, the answer could propably be "the bypass capacitors are used with (slow varying) signals in order to filter out the high frequency noise where as the decoupling capacitors are used to filter out noise in power line, for example each ic in a circuit could be working at different frequencies and drawing different powers, these would cause variation in VCC ( at high frequencies) as the power traces also have resistances. Decoupling capacitors reduce the effect experienced by the neighbouring ICs. In contrast the bypass capacitor is used with signals and decoupling capacitor is associated with power supply.

What size capacitor can i replace a 1000uf 50v with if i don't have the exact one i am working on a project and it calls for 1000uf 50v cap I know i need 50v plus but can i use 1200uf 50v or 2000uf?

You can use a larger capacitor (more uF) in the decoupling or smoothing parts of the circuit, but not in anything that is used to control the frequency response, but that is unlikely.

Why do we use 2 or more capacitors in parallel for decoupling in circuits instead of one larger capacitor?

When capacitors are connected in parallel, you add up their capacitances to obtain the overall capacitance of that 'bank'. The main reason for using two capacitors in parallel when decoupling, is that they have a lower overall inductance (electrical resistance in essence) to one large capacitor, which improves the decoupling effect. Using two capacitors also provides better high-frequency filtering for the power bus. One minor advantage of this, is that, you can obtain a certain redundancy when using two smaller capacitors in parallel, instead of only one, as if one capacitor fails, the other still acts to decouple the circuit, to a certain extent. Source: (this article uses other sources to back up their statements)

What happens when a capacitor is connected to a dc supply?

Dc current cannot pass through a Capacitor as it get charged only if alternating pulses(sine wave) are applied as the input.As a result,the capacitor cannot get charged. <<>> The capacitor charges up to the level of the supply voltage. A capacitor is normally connected across the supply in a piece of equipment fed from a dc source. It is called a decoupling capacitor and it isolates the equipment from outside effects coming in on the supply wires.

When was The Terminator Decoupling created?

The Terminator Decoupling was created on 2009-03-09.

Can you replace a 47mf 16 volt capacitor with a 220mf 25 volt capacitor?

In many cases, yes, for example in smoothing or decoupling, but sometimes the capacitance is used to define a timing circuit or the frequency response of a filter, then the right capacitance must be used.

What is the use of rvt in capacitor bank?

Use of rvt in capacitor bank

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