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What is value of Winchester 94 30 30 serial 2715437?


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2010-12-23 03:42:25
2010-12-23 03:42:25

$275-$450, depending on condition.

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What is the year and value of a 30-30 Winchester model 94AE rifle serial # 649534

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

Marlin made the Glenfield firearms, not Winchester.

1917 Winchester 30-06 has a 6 digit serial number I have a Winchester 30-06 w/a 5 digit serial number 485--

What is the value of a Winchester model 93 30/30 lever action repeating arms

please include the serial number to get a answer to your question.

No way of knowing without you providing the serial number and the overall condition of your Winchester model 1894 rifle.

Your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1979,and the value is between 275-350 dollars depending on condition.

I dont know the value, but I got 2 of them with back to back serial numbers has Winchester serial numbers.

If your Winchester is new in the box and unfired it is selling for 575 dollars.

You have too many digits in the serial number... Winchester did not make 19-million+ Model 94s.

All I can say is that your winchester model 1894 was made after 1991.My serial number records only go as far as 1991,with serial number 6,008,296.

Impossible to value with just the serial number. Need detailed description of all markings, accessories, condition, etc..

100-1000 USD + depedning on exactly what you have and condition.

How old is my 30-30 Winchester model no 94 and serial no 2862414?

Your winchester model 1894 is ranging in value between 275-350 dollars. has Winchester sn tables. has Winchester sn tables. has Winchester sn tables.

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