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No reasonable estimate of value can be made without a detailed description of CONDITION. Only a very broad range of values can be given for conditions ranging from POOR to EXCELLENT. POOR: $200.00 EXCELLENT: $15,000.00 OR MORE, DEEPENDING ON SPECIAL ORDER FEATURES that were added at time of manufacture.

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2008-01-31 20:27:23
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Q: What is value of win mod 94 38-55 half octagon half round barrel short mag checkered stock ser 179996?
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Value of savage model 29 22 Cal octagon barrel checkered grips?

About $400-$450, dependng on condition. Octagonal barrel indicates made before WW II, changed to round barrel after the war.

Is a model 90 Winchester octagonal rifle barrel more valuable than a round barrel?

In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

What is the age and value of a Model 1915 serial M752?

Who made it, what caliber is it, is it a rifle, shotgun or hadgun, how long is the barrel, is the barrel round or octagon, what is the stock made out of, what is the serial number(if any)? Who made it, what caliber is it, is it a rifle, shotgun or hadgun, how long is the barrel, is the barrel round or octagon, what is the stock made out of, what is the serial number(if any)?

How can you tell what model 12 Remington your 22 pump is if it doesn't salon the barrell?

None of them say. 22 short, long, or long rifle round barrel 12-A octagon barrel 12-C 22 short (octagon) 12-B 22 Remington Special (octagon) 12-CS

How does a octagon barrel stand up to a round barrel When used on a 325 browning II asn far as groups at 200 yards?

The only way to know is to shoot both.

What is the price for the Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial 3644979?

1994 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CENTENNIAL 30-30 cal. STANDARD GRADE 12000 mfg. $700 * Engraved blue receiver, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel LIMITED EDITION 1200 mfg. $1500 * Hand engraved blue receiver w/ gold inlay, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel CUSTOM GRADE 94 mfg. $10500 Hand engraved silver receiver and barrel bands, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel

What is value of Winchester model 1894 30 30 wcf with a smokeless nickel barrel?

I can give you a more accurate value if you will provide the serial number(to determine the year of manufacture). I will also need to know if your rifle has any special features such as a takedown model,A button magazine(half magazine),special wood,pistol grip buttstock,round barrel or half round half octagon,or full octagon barrel etc.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45-60 serial 19255?

There are many determining factors to consider when assigning a value to a rifle of this age and high collector desirability.I would like to start with the fact that you have a Winchester model 1876 second model,lever action rifle that was made in the year 1881.This is determined by your serial number provided.What I do not know by your question is what barrel length you have?Does it have a .22 inch round barrel(Carbine model 1876.)or do you have a different barrel length,26inch,or 28inch barrel in either round or octagon configuration? This will affect the value of your Winchester.I will also need to know the amount of overall finish remaining on your Winchester model 1876?This greatly affects the value of your rifle/carbine.I would also need to know if our rifle has any special order features that were available during this time span,such as a half magazine,checkered forearm and stock,color cased hardened frame,and either round,octagon,or half round and half octagon barrel.If you are willing to provide this info you can post it to my message page here or post it at as you have already done.

How much would a Winchester model1894 with serial number 760365 made in 1915 sell for?

In order to establish a value for your Winchester model 1894 rifle/or carbine.You would need to describe the amount of original finish left on the barrel and all metal parts,also the wood finish remaining.You will need to describe the condition of the bore.You will need to describe if any special order features are present,to include(special wood,checkered wood,shotgun style butt stock?,half magazine or full length,saddle ring on the carbine model,octagon barrel,half octagon half round,or round barrel,barrel length,etc)All these items that could be ordered on a pre war Model 1894 Winchester will come into play when assigning a value to your rifle.If you would include this info,then a more precise value can be established,

Stevens favorite cal 25 Stevens half round and half octagon barrel?

You have not yet asked us a question. Want to back up, and take another run at that?

What is a windchester model 1894 Serial no 4525 worth?

That cannot be answered without a detailed description of the gun in question.Please include the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal,barrel length,barrel type(round or octagon),any special order features that may be present(special wood,checkered wood,half magazine,take down model)etc.All this will have a bearing on the value of your Wincheter model 1894 rifle which was made in the first year of production 1894.

How do you determine the model of a Stevens 25-20 rifle?

Need to know type of action, all specifications such as barrel length, round or octagon, and any markings on the gun.

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