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What is vanadium used for?



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Vanadium is used in everything from aerospace projects and skyscrapers to chemistry formulas and x-rays.

1. Steel Alloys

  1. Vanadium is most commonly mixed with iron to form steel alloys for tools and construction purposes. Although Vanadium is soft in its pure form, when it's mixed with other elements, the original element becomes stronger.

    2. Other Alloys

    Vanadium is mixed in a variety of steel alloys and other alloys to create super strong metals like those used for internal car parts and to plate military vehicles.

  2. 3. Chemical Catalyst

    Vanadium in a chemical form, vanadium pentoxide, is used as a chemical catalyst in the production of glass and ceramics. The chemical helps to make the glass and ceramic material stronger.

    4. Dye

  3. Vanadium can also be used to dye fabrics. Most commonly a silvery color, vanadium turns red when heated to create a brilliant color.

    5. Magnets

  4. Scientists have recently discovered that when they mix Vanadium with Gallium, the mixture becomes useful in creating superconductive magnet