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What is virtual office software?

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* A virtual office or V.O. is typically a managed telephone answering or email response service that receives and routes telephone or email messages on behalf of a small business and may provide some initial scripted response to a query.

* The business that uses this service typically does not have fixed office premises or employ regular reception or customer contact staff - and so the V.O. provides a means of receiving and passing on calls and messages when not available to deal with a customer inquiry.

* The prime objective of the V.O. is to assure that customer contact is captured and able to be followed up by whomever the call is relevant or important to.

2009-05-02 15:12:14
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How do you make a virtual CD or not have to put in the CD to start a game?

You will need to install a software which is capable of creating virtual CD. 'Virtual CD CD/DVD Emulator' is one such software [it is not a free software]. After installing the software create a virtual CD and play game without the CD.

Is a virtual memory is a software?


What is the best software for creating a virtual XP operating system?

The best software for creating a virtual XP operating system is Virtual Box. Other software that are listed in the top five are Parallels, V Mware, QEMU and Windows Virtual PC.

What is virtual office system?

A virtual office system is a system that uses virtual tools or applications. Few of the most useful virtual tools are: virtual PBX, emails, mobile phones, internet, etc.

What software stimulates the hardware of a physical computer?

A VIRTUAL computer or virtual machine is software that stimulates the hardware of a physical computer.

Which office software is best for an accounting firm?

Microsoft Office is the dominant software for office work.

Why is Microsoft office not an application software?

Microsoft Office is application software.

What is it called when software is used to simulate the hardware of a physical computer?

Virtual machine

Is JVM a software or hardware?

JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine, it is software.

Is a BT broadband office a virtual office?

No, BT Broadband is a phone and internet company. They supply phone and internet services for companies in the UK, but do not offer a virtual office.

What is an example of Application Software?

Application software - MS office, Office org.

Is MS Office Application software?

MS Office is a suite of applications software.

Are there virtual worlds for teens that do not require a download?

No, all virtual worlds require software to download.

What type of software is the Virtual Keyboard?

The virtual keyboard is available for downloading. It is software that is an onscreen keyboard which works on any windows based UMPC with a passive touchscreen.

What is the best free dj software?

virtual dj

What software simulates the hardware of a physical computer?


What is office software used for?

Office software is a program, or series of programs offering to ease the burden of office work. Office software is typically used to assist with office related tasks, such as timetables, graphs, sheets, charts, etc.

What is virtual memory or virtual RAM?

Virtual memory is software representation of RAM. New OSes do not allow direct access to RAM instead they create Virtual RAM. Using software, OS can always identify place in real RAM knowing it is Virtual address. It allows to protect memory from unauthorized access.

What is the going rate for services by a virtual office receptionist?

$29 a month is a fairly standard rate for a virtual office receptionist. You can find such services at

What is virtual office and what are the some reasons for the its increasing popularity?

Virtual office increase popularity because you can access and show it to client wherever your location is.Virtual Office - consists of a great receptionist answering your phone, an address for your mail, and an impressive place to meet your clients.

What is the best virtual girl software?

DeskBabes. It's basically Virtual Girl HD but with hardcore as well.

Is a hard disk hardware of software?

It is hardware. However, it is possible to create in software a "virtual" hard disk and this would be software.

How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office works just like a normal office works except everyone is not in the same place. Employees can be anywhere in front of a computer like at their homes or in a car.

What is a virtual company and a virtual office?

Two or more virtual offices refer to a virtual company. Virtual office is a communication system which has auto attendant that handle calls, phone system that enable to connect remote teams and employees as if they were on the same room and even broadcast announcement. Virtual Office is a new tool for home based business, small business and big companies. It is a risk free and cost effective way of entering into new markets without incurring the costs associated with opening an office. For home based business, Virtual Office provides a professional office address, dedicated local phone number and answering service. So home based business can show a professional address and the look and feel of a professional company. For small businesses with one or two offices, if they want to expand into other cities, they can get virtual office in each cities. All the calls can be transferred into the corporate office and all the mail will be forwarded to the home office. So with one office, the firm gets these virtual offices and they raise the profile of the company by having these offices. The most important advantage is that your virtual office can be submitted to sites like Google and your visibility online will be dramatically increased. If you want to know more about virtual office visit

Where can I find the Virtual DJ program that is right for my computer?

Well, I would recommend finding Virtual Dj programs from Virtual DJ because they offer a variety of products and software. They also offer their products and software from an incredibly reasonable price.