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What is visiting friends and family tourism?


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it is when people visit there family and friends that are abroad.

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Independent Tourism means people can implement his thoughts and share with his/her family and friends.

I reckon you take sweets to family and friends because it's a nice thing to bring with you when your visiting them. And also because you love them.

Hindu and Budhha based tourism, visiting their Asrams (bihar)

In-bound Tourism:International visitors, traveling to a country, who are resident of other countries. For example a group of Japanese visiting Buddhist's shrines in India, teams from different countries participating in world cup tournaments, families and friends visiting relatives.Out-bound tourism:Resident of a country, traveling as visitors to other countries for example Indian parents visiting their children in USA. executives visiting UK/USA on business promotion, persons traveling abroad for higher studies or medical treatment of just for pleasure.Domestic tourism:Residents visiting destinations within their own country's boundaries

This type of tourism is also called internal tourism this consists of staying in your own country but visiting a different city in which you do not live in.

In order to have tourism, there are two requirements: a place that is worth visiting, and people who have enough disposable income and spare time to be able to indulge an interest in visiting places. Once these conditions are met, you have the possibility, or the potential, for tourism. And possibly it still requires a suitable advertising campaign to convert the potential tourism into actual tourism.

Mass tourism is the act of visiting a destination with large amounts of people at one time

Leisure tourism is tourism for a purpose other than business. One visiting another place for their own entertainment or other benefit would be participating in leisure tourism.

forgive the girl and make things right with her today

My family is visiting (now) - Mi familia esta visitando My family is visiting (later) - Mi familia va a visitar

Tourism is a common industry of foreign visitors coming to another country to see the sights. They spend money while visiting and thus assist the economy of the country they are visiting.

You would pronounce the word tourism as, tore-iz-im. Tourism is a word used in the travel business. It is the visiting of vacation destinations, and points of interest.

hey im currently studying travel and tourism there are many kinds in Mexico which can be shown in great detail if you order brochures on the internet. i have some helpful holidays such as wedding trekking walking nature sport adventure visiting family and friends (VFR)

By the tourism, by all the beaches, the county offers a lot of things to do alone, with the family with friends, etc.

loans have to be given to tourists visiting the site

Domestic tourism involves national visiting the country's tour sites while international tourism involves tourists from other countries visiting the country's tour sites.

Business and professional tourism are terms used to describe specific types of tourism. These tourists are not necessarily visiting an area for pleasure or leisure, but for business purposes.

The main celebration occurs on Christmas Eve (Wigilia), December 24, among the closest family. Then two days of holidays follow. The first day is for visiting more distant family and the second day for visiting friends.

Eco Tourism is travel that is environmentally conscious. It looks into ways to minimise carbon emissions and not damage the planet. Lots of eco-tourism sites and holidays involve visiting a natural site, such as a rainforest or a national park.

It can be a noun if you say 'visiting my cousins is fun' or 'I like visiting my friends'. In these cases, 'visiting' is a special type of verb known as a gerund, which means that it has been transformed into a noun by adding -ing.It could also be a participle, which is more like an adjective. 'I was visiting my friends' is an example of 'visiting' as a participle.While the root of 'visiting' is the verb 'to visit', 'visiting' itself is not a verb.

One can learn about things to do while visiting from friends and family. Friends may tell you to be sure to visit the Houston Space Museum. One can visit the Houston Travel Guide through Wiki Travel.

Travel can be done for any reason, business or pleasure. Tourism is a term used for traveling for visiting particular sites of interest.

Antartica is good for tourism and visiting the vast area. Many people benefit from visiting antartica such as cruise liners as many people want to visit the stunning sight.

Family friends are simply that, friends of your sims family.

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