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Hydrogen as water is made of oxygen and hydrogen.


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Oxygen is important to water because oxygen is an element in water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, water would just be hydrogen, not water!

Oxygen does dissolve in water, how do you think aquatic animals survive without dissolved oxygen.

They can't survive without oxygen but they can survive with an oxygen mask that scuba divers use and with supply of oxygen of course .

clearly oxygen, how else would you breathe? you can last 3 minutes with out oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food...

Water is made of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen is needed in order to create a molecule with the properties characteristic of water. Water cannot exist without oxygen.

Fish need oxygen to live, just like humans. But while humans use their lungs to take in oxygen from the air, fish are designed to take oxygen from water. The water passes through a fish's mouth and over a set of gills, which absorb oxygen. Without lungs, a fish out of water is a fish without oxygen.

No,you need 2 hydrogen atom and 1 oxygen atom to make water,and that is why water is also known as H2O

Through water. Oxygen can not be transferred out of the lungs and into the blood without passing through water.

Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis in all plants. So if you have water plants growing in the tank they will be adding oxygen to the water.

If water plants are removed from water there will be no conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen for aquatic animals .The animals will die without oxygen.

It is because the warm water has low amount of dissolved oxygen and organism can survive without oxygen.

Food and water. PS, We don't make energy of oxygen, we make energy of whats in oxygen...

We can't create hydrogen and oxygen because they are natural, water is a mixture of both. Hydrogen and oxygen are elements and can't be made.

The trees produce oxygen, if trees disappeared, there will be no oxygen, and without oxygen, the water will be free gas, the water will evaporate!

Without water, their gills will dry and prevent the fish from absorbing oxygen - so it will suffocate.

Yes, that's why they have their gills they take in the water and breath in the oxygen, through the water, and let go of the water through their gills

I think, no. We need oxygen and hydrogen to make water so with only oxygen and no hydrogen we would have no water and life as we know it cannot exist without water

h² is of course wrong ! The formula is H²O, without oxygen no water !

No. All water molecules contain one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. If this does not describe your molecule, then what you have isn't water. Water on Earth usually contains dissolved oxygen, which is just O2 from the air that has found its way in between water molecules. Water can lack dissolved oxygen.

you do this and that and this and also that you do this and that and this and also thatYou can separate water into oxygen and hydrogen by the process of electrolysis.

The number one cause of rust is oxygen. Water accelerates the process but it can't happen without oxygen.

The Goldfish will die if put in distilled water, this is because distilled water has a lack of bacteria, dissolved salts and Oxygen. Goldfish have gills so that they can extract oxygen from water, without this dissolved Oxygen, the fish will die.

because oxygen is needed for cellular respiration and deep waterdoesnot contain oxygen

Our planet, the Earth is the only planet with drinkable water. It is the only planet in our Solar System with life and oxygen. Without the oxygen, there will be no life and water on Earth.

Certainly there is oxygen on the Earth. Without it there would be no water, and if e existed we would be breathing something else.

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