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What is wdm optical network?

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2012-01-18 11:33:12

A WDM optical network is a wavelength density network on fiber

optics. The WDM equipment makes it possible to connect several

different information channels/signals inn to one fiber, Witch

makes it possible to transport enormous amounts of information on

tiny little optical fiber. It`s mostly used on long length between

connection points, and not directly to buildings and homes.

So theoretically if you want to send me 100GB of information,

and you want to send it to me in less then 5 seconds, between us we

have one fiber and each our WDM equipment. If our internet provider

offers this to be a posebility, they would have to give us 10

channels of 2GB each.


Ideally this would work, if you don`t count the loss in the

fiber or units.

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