What is whom?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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it's just like saying who exept more fancy

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Q: What is whom?
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Related questions

Does a direct object answer what or whom?

D.O. is what or whom I.O. is to whom or for whom

What is a noun that answers to whom or for whom?

Give the letter to Mary. to whom?The letter is for Mary. for whom?

Who or whom can you trust?


Is whom spelled whom or wom?

It is spelt "whom". It is the objective form of "who".

What tells to whom or for whom the action is done?

The indirect object in a sentence tells to whom or for whom the action is being done. It usually answers the question "to whom" or "for whom." For example, in the sentence "I gave her a book," "her" is the indirect object indicating to whom the action of giving is done.

Can whom function as the object of a preposition?

No, "whom" is used as the object of a verb or preposition in formal English, while "who" is typically used in more informal contexts.

Can you give someone a sentence with the word whom?

To whom it may concern Who is a subject pronoun; it is used as the subject of a verb. Whom is an object pronoun. If you find you can replace who/whom with he, she, or they, who is correct. If you find you've replaced who/whom with him, her, or them, then whom is correct.

Is it proper to say with who or with whom?

with whom

What does con quien mean in english?

Con quien means "with whom"

Can you give a sentence using the word whom?

With whom did she go with? Whom I did not like very much. I wouldn't be suprised at whom he ran away with.

What are the 4 questions that indirect objects answer?

Indirect objects answer the questions "to whom?", "for whom?", "to what?", or "for what?" in a sentence.

When deciding whether to use who or whom substitute?

"Whom" is not a substitute for "who", it's another case. "Who" is the Nominative, while "whom" is either the Dative or the Accusative.To whom do we owe this pleasure?Whom have you told so far?The girl whom I saw yesterday is her sister.