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What is wireless Internet?

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As the internet this modem having wireless antenna which collects & transmit data frequency via the wireless modem antenna. Just like walky talkies, it has towers & frequency band. This can be achieved by setting up a wireless network, and wireless card, or through WiFi.

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if i get the wireless internet card, do i need the wireless internet provider?

what is a wireless card

how get wireless internet service ?

Call IVC Telecom and sign-up for wireless reliable internet services.

How can i start using wireless internet?

Get a Router that Supports Wireless Internet.

Does McDonald's have wireless internet?

Only participating Mcdonalds have wireless internet.

Does the LG cookie KP500 have wireless internet?

It doesn't have wireless internet

can i get wireless internet at 38544?

can i get internet wireless at baxter tn 38544

does barns and noble have wireless internet?

does barns and noble have wireless internet

Where to get more info on wireless internet?

Wireless internet is just done using a wireless router. You can use any type of internet and hook up a wireless router to make it wireless for your devices in your home.

Can wireless internet work without wifi?

No, because Wi-Fi is the wireless part of wireless internet.

What is Wireless Enabled?

Wireless Enabled is a system normally on laptops which allows you to access the Internet via an existing Internet connection. For example; If you buy a laptop which is wireless enabled, and you wish to get on to the Internet then you can do if you have a computer which has the Internet or a wireless router. If you have neither of these items (a computer or a wireless router) then I advise you buy a wireless router and then you can connect to the Internet wireless. From Whiz-Tech 915.

Is wireless internet as fast as regular?

Wireless internet is very fast. Depending on the internet provider and the strenght of the signal the wireless internet can be as fast as high speed internet. Yes, wireless internet is as fast as regular internet. The speed depends on the carrier, though, and can vary by locations you are connected.

What is the difference between WiFi and wireless internet?

WiFi-> Service Wireless-> Application With Wireless device we can conncet to Wireless internet With Wifi we can conncet to Wireless via AP or wireless router

what options do I have for a home wireless internet service provider?

Your internet options will be the same, no matter if you want a wired or wireless internet service provider. The internet service provider will bring the internet to your home, and you will in turn make it wireless by using wireless networking tools, such as a router. Some companies, like AT&T, will set you up with wireless internet in your home, basically becoming your wireless internet service provider.

How do you get wireless internet without wireless?

You can't

Does the dsi have free internet?

No, because the dsi connects to your wireless internet.if you do not have wireless internet the dsi can't have internet

How does wireless internet on PS3 slim work?

You have to have wireless internet and then the PS3 has the ability to connect to it.

Does psp go have wireless internet?

Yes, but you need to be in a place where there are wireless internet connection

do you have wireless internet?

IVC Telecom is with reliable and affordable plans.

who is the cheapest wireless internet provider for 70085?

“who is the cheapest wireless internet provider for 70085”

how to connect apple ipod to wireless internet?

how to connect apple ipod to wireless internet

how do you hook up wireless internet service ?

how do you hook up wireless internet service

how much does it cost for wireless internet a month?

how much does it cost for wireless internet a month

cost of wireless internet in out area 49629?

cost of wireless internet in out area 49629

Pros and cons of Wireless Internet connectivity?

pros and cons of wireless internet connectivity?

What are the differences between cable and wireless internet?

The differences between cable and wireless internet is that, when it is "cable" internet a physical cable is connected between the computer and the router. Whereas the "wireless" internet is wireless, it sends information through the air to your computer.