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A female goat is called a doe or a nanny.

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Pregnant women can, in fact, eat goat meat. Generally, though, pregnant women should check with their doctors for personal advice before consuming it.

How much goat would a goat goat goat if a goat could goat goat

You can copy the women or the goat herder using the Costumizer.

The opposite of a she-goat (nanny goat, doe) would be a he-goat (billy goat).

A billy goat. A nanny goat is a "she" and the billy goat is a "he".

She-goat, nanny or doe.

A wither goat is not a withering goat but is the smallest goat found. A wether goat is a castrated male goat.

a billy goat is a female goat

Male goat is a Billy (he-goat?).Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a Kid.

female = nanny-goat (not a manny-goat)male = billy-goat

The capital one goat is an Alpine goat and the Aflac goat is a Nubian.

A baby goat goat is called a kid kid :)

"Goat" is a generic term for the animal and refers to both genders. A male goat is called a "Billy Goat" and a female goat is called a "Nanny Goat". A young goat is called a "Kid".

A billy goat is a male goat.

A billy goat is a male goat. yes indeed

Goat milk, Goat meat, Goat wool, and Goat cheese.

A nanny goat is a female goat also known as a doe.

a He-goat is Caper. A She-goat is Capra

goat will not die since they are going to goat heaven.

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