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In Georgia Workers' Compensation insurance falls under the Workers' Compensation Act which defines the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt medical and disability benefits for injuries sustained on the job by workers. This is insurance that the employer, certain employers, are required to have. This insurance covers the employees who have injuries that result in partial or total incapacity or death. In return, the employer is shielded from tort liability for these injuries. In other words, an employee should receive income and medical benefits and the employer generally can't be sued for the injury.

If you have been injured, contact your LOCAL Workers' Compensation Attorney.

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Q: What is workman compensation?
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What is the penalty for a fraudulent workman's compensation claim?

What is the penalty for a fraudulent workman's compensation claim?

When Did Workman's Compensation become Worker's Compensation?


Is workman compensation payments tax by IRS?

Workman's compensation is fully exempt from taxation if they are paid under a workman's compensation act. It does not exempt any retirement plan benefits if you retire because of an injury.

Can you get workmans compensation for taking meds that keep you from being able to do your job safely?

Workman's Compensation is administered by the individual States and the rules that apply vary from State to State. Federal employees fall under The Federal Workman's Compensation. In my State, Workman's Compensation is available only if the condition preventing you from working is a work related illness or injury. You can get information at:, they have information for Federal and each individual State. You can also call your local Workman's Compensation Board. Reasons Why You Can't Get Workman's Compensation 1. If you are taking medication so that you are unable to do your job safely and receive workman's compensation. 2. If you have a condition that require you to take medication that makes you unable to work safely. If you apply for unemployment due to disability, then yes you can receive workman's compensation.

When do you need to carry workman compensation insurance?

When do you have to carry workman's comp insurance?

Where do you enter workman's compensation on federal form 1040a?

The form 1040a is a federal tax form. When you go to enter workman's compensation on it, you need to fill out line 7.

Is a company required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors?

A company is required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors. This is regardless of the number of employees a subcontractor employs.

What are the workman's compensation decree of 1987 in Nigeria?

I think that workman's compensation decree of 1987 in nigeria has to do with some of the decree and amendment made by some certain prominent rulers or heros, concerning the right and act of worker's compensation.

Can volunteer ushers be covered by workman's compensation?


Is workman's compensation taxed as earned income?


Is work related stress covered by Texas Workman's Compensation?

Texas workman's compensation does not cover work related stress. Usually there has to be sufficient medical evidence relate to the claim.

If you are injured on the job and file a workman compensation claim then you are fired can workman compensation be denied?

it may vary from state to state but i dont think it can b denied in most cases

Does workman compensation cover tendenitis?

Workman's compensation is an insurance to cover costs of medical care and partial salary of an injured employee. If the tendinitis is a work related injury it will be covered.

Can my employer deduct from my wages for workers comp?

Depending on the laws of the state, an employer can deduct for Workman's Compensation. Deductions for federal programs such as Workman's Compensation and Social Security are standard deductions.

Does contractors all risks include workman's compensation?


Can workman's comp charge a copay?

No. Workman's Compensation pays 100% of medical expenses resulting from the workplace injury.

Do I have to claim workers compensation on my taxes in Kentucky?

Workman's compensation benefits are non-taxable, so you are exempt from having to claim anything you receive in workman's comp on your state or federal income taxes.

Who is required to carry workmans compensation in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, the employer is required to carry workman's compensation.

When a workmans compensation case is presented the supervisor should?

When a workman's compensation case is presented, the supervisor should

Can you receive workman's comp and your salary?

Generally a person can only received workman's compensation when they are disabled on the job, and subsequently are unable to perform said job for a period of time. If the person is able to perform their job to collect their salary, they would likely be ineligible for workman's compensation.

Is workman's compensation taxable Federal and State in Oklahoma?

NO, workman's compenstion is not taxable by federal or state taxes in the state of Oklahoma.

Can a teacher collect workman's comp?

yes a teacher can collect workman's compensation as long as they have paid into the system for some time

Can the IRS garnish workman's compensation wages?

They and many others.

How is an Independent contractor exempt from workmans compensation law?

Where can I find an exemption from workman's compensation form? Thanks Dee

Do you have to file workman's compensation on income tax return?

Not taxable Not taxable