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In Georgia Workers' Compensation insurance falls under the Workers' Compensation Act which defines the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt medical and disability benefits for injuries sustained on the job by workers. This is insurance that the employer, certain employers, are required to have. This insurance covers the employees who have injuries that result in partial or total incapacity or death. In return, the employer is shielded from tort liability for these injuries. In other words, an employee should receive income and medical benefits and the employer generally can't be sued for the injury.

If you have been injured, contact your LOCAL Workers' Compensation Attorney.

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Q: What is workmans compensation?
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In the state of Indiana, you still will receive workmans compensation after being terminated from your job. You will receive workmans compensation until the doctor releases you.

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In the state of Illinois, the employer is required to carry workman's compensation.

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Yes, workmans compensation.

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about 6%

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Hi~ No, a WC settlement is non-taxable.

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If you filed a fraudulent claim.

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i understand that in fl i am not required to carry workmans compensation for my tree service when i only have 2 part time employees

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Answer Workmans Compensation is there to cover men and women who are injured on the job. If you ate something for lunch and got sick from it, workmans compensation won't cover it, as it didn't happen as a result of the job.

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You should never do surgery unless you are a surgeon.

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Workers' compensation coverage is not mandatory in the state of Texas.

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if you can prove that the pre-exisiting condition was aggravated or exhasperbated by the repetative actions of your job, then yes it will be covered under workmans compensation.

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