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In the state of Illinois, the employer is required to carry workman's compensation.

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Q: Who is required to carry workmans compensation in Illinois?
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Where do you get an exemption form for workmans comp in Florida?

i understand that in fl i am not required to carry workmans compensation for my tree service when i only have 2 part time employees

Is a company required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors?

A company is required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors. This is regardless of the number of employees a subcontractor employs.

Is the Elks lodge a non profit org required to carry workmans comp on two part time employees?

No. They are nor required by law as they are a non fraternal organization

I am a sole prop with no employees, Does PA require me to carry workmans comp on myself. Thanks Jeff?

No, you would not be required to carry workman's comp on yourself; I would recommend personal policy coverage, in your case.

Do you need to carry workmans comp on an employee that works less than 40 hours a week in Georgia?

Yes, according to the State Board of Workers Compensation, if you employ more than two people you must provide workers compensation coverage to all regular employees whether full- or part-time.

What happens if there is an accident in the workplace and the employer has taken out workers compensation?

Employers are generally required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance. If an employee is injured in the course of employment, Workers compensation pays medical costs and the like and the worker is prevented from suing the employer because of the injury.

Can you hire a sub contractor for a 6 month job and not carry workmans comp for him?

Licensed sub-contractors are usually required to obtain their own workers comp insurance and provide proof of same to anyone who hires him.

Is it legal to have supplemental injury insurance and collect workmans compensation?

It may depend on the state you are in. We are in Maryland and I know here it is fine. My husband was injured on the job last August and we carry additional accident insurance and were able to collect for out patient procedures. I suggest checking with an attorney for your state.

Can an adult carry a concealed weapon in Illinois?

No, Illinois has not approved concealed carry.

How long does an employee have to work for you to carry workmens compensation in Illinois?

The minute that employee sets foot on your premisis he is covered. Now for regular health insurance he/she will have a time period as stated by your company. But workman compensation covers ANY employee regardless of how long they have been in your employment.

In Oklahoma does a sole proprietor have to carry workmans comp if he is the only employee of his small home repair company?


What happens if an employer does not have workers compensation and doesn't want to pay your medical bills?

Employers are required to carry Wormen's Compensation Insurance on their employees. If your employer did not insure you, or does not have the insurance, they are in violation of your state's labor laws. You will have to bring suit against them to recover your expenses.