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What is written in a form of Persian script and read from right to left?

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Urdu is written ina form of Persian script and read from left to right...

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What is the written form of a play called?


What has the author Sa'di written?

Sa'di. has written: 'Kuliat [Collected works in Persian, in manuscript form.]'

How to read a movie?

When movies are in written form, they are called a script. The script includes more than just the words an actor says, but also what they should do and other details.

Is Arabic written form left to right?

No it's actually written from right to left.

What two languages was Old Testament written in?

Most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. After the Persian conquest and the return form Exile, Hebrew fell out of favour, and some late material was written in Aramaic. A few words of Persian are also included.

Was Sanskrit A hieroglyphic language?

Sanskrit was never written in heiroglyphic form. The older script called the brAhmi was also phonemic.

What part of speech is the word script?

The word script is a noun. The plural form is scripts.

Why is English written from left to right?

English is written with the Roman Script, which goes from left to right, so naturally English is written in that direction. As a historical issue, the earliest alphabets (like the Phoenician, Hebraic, Hittite, etc.) were all right-to-left alphabets. The first major left-to-right alphabet was the Greek alphabet which was realigned to favor right-handed scribes who would no longer have to smudge their writing. Since the Roman alphabet was derived from the Greek alphabet, it copied its left-to-right form.

What level does Persian evolves?

Persian does not have an evolution. It is the final evolutionary form of Meowth.

What do you mean by Rubaiyat?

A traditional Persian verse form consisting of a collection of quatrains, typically rhyming aaba. Written by Edward FitzGerald.

What is java script code for password?

There is an html form element for password. Validation script for password doesn't differ from script of html text element

What is the right number in written form of eight thousandths?

Eight thousandths can be written .008 ~W

What is Script Form?

Script form writing is used when someone is writing a play, movie, or radio show. It uses the names of the people to specify which line is theirs to speak.

Does Urdu read right to left?

Urdu is written with a modified form of the Arabic alphabet, which is right-to-left.

What is the full form of kiosk?

Kiosk is the full form. The word is Persian in origin.

How did the Persian empire form?

A King ate a monkey

What words can you form by adding a prefix to script?

sub subscrip

What is the full form of vbs?

VBS is Visual basic Script.

Script to high school musical?

If you are looking for a script from the movie, I have no clue. But if you are looking for a play form look through theater companies.

Did ancient Egyptian have a written form?

In short, YES. They used hieroglyphs which evolved into the hieratic script which later became shorthanded - demotic writing.Yes it was called hieroglyphicsancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics as their written language.

Is the full form of PS please see?

No -it's post script

Where do you find a Persian in Pokemon FireRed?

Persian is the evolved form of Meowth you can train Meowth to obtain Persian or if you don't want to do that go to Seven Island and it will appear every so often.

After the Tigris and euprates rivers join together they form the shatt al Arab river which subsequently flows in the Persian?

The Persian Gulf.

Why did nebuchadenezzar II reestablish the babylonian empire form under the Persian rule?

The Persian Empire succeded and tookover the Babylonian Empire.

What are some uses for Arabic script?

Arabic script is used for both writing and calligraphy. It was the predominant form of artwork in the Pre-Modern Islamic World.

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