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What is wrong about homosexuality?


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March 07, 2013 9:09PM

To many people, nothing. Others view it as unsanitary or going against their religion. That claim that it is unsanitary can be summarily dismissed since unprotected heterosexual sex is no better. After all, many heterosexual people do all the same things that gay people do.

What is wrong with homosexuality is that the topic is being used as a weapon to divide people. Gayness isn't so much the problem as it is the division caused over the public acceptance of it. For about 10% of society to feel comfortable, 90% may have to be marginalized, not discuss their honest feelings, and be forced to compromise who they are. Yes, that is what LGBT people have suffered for years, but two wrongs never make a right.

Some who oppose gayness say they are concerned with the welfare of LGBT persons. They believe that deep emotional trauma or immaturity is causing someone to be gay. They believe that gayness harms the person who is gay, and causes damage to the mind, spirit, and soul. That cannot be be proven, of course.