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If a Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off, it is likely a fuel delivery issue. There are several items that it could be as well. Oxygen sensors do cause malfunctions as well as leaking hoses, bad spark plugs and/or wires, and even a dirty fuel filter.

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Q: What is wrong if a Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off?
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What is wrong when a 95 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off when stopped and acts like it is not getting gas?

When a 1995 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off while it is at a stop idling, it is likely a delivery problem. When the car acts like it is not getting enough gas, a clog or dirty filter are likely the culprit. It could also be a fuel line problem where denting from road debris has caused crimping to impede the flow of fuel to the engine.

2000 Toyota Camry radio looses memory and cuts off when starting engine why?

i have the same issue. the radio is bad and is shorting out. it is running my battery down every 3 days.

What is wrong with a 2000 Toyota Camry Le while driving and then it stops running?

You should specify if you hear any noises or if you get any warning lights on the dash... Based on information you provided there is no way to give a definite answer. But when engine cuts off usually it means that you have problems in electric system (coils, sensors , ECU etc) or fuel supply problem (fuel pump, ECU etc).

Where do you put the jack to change a tire in a Toyota Camry 1998?

If you look under the car, you should be able to see to grooves/cuts surrounding area about 2-3 inches long (there are 4 of them, one per door). Those areas are designed to support jack.

1994 Toyota Camry the car will idle but when you press the gas it cuts off Sometimes it will cut off while it is at idle speed. Any suggestions what the problem might be?

You might need to check the spark plug wires, fuel filter, and check the vacuum hoses.

What does it mean in an audition when a director cuts you off?

You are not good or you did something wrong.

Your 86 camaro keeps stalling it cuts out its very hard to get it started each time it stalls .the idle keeps changing harshly while drivingwhat do i do?

Scrap it!

What is wrong with your car if the engine cuts off and the car starts to smoke?

It means the car is overheating.

Toyota truck cuts out under loads?

You need to check your fuel pressure..Also check for worn plugs and rotor button

Why your manual car cuts off while driving with air condition on?

depending on what car it should cut out because the engine is being sapped of the power by the a.c and the gearbox stalls espicially up hills.

1990 IROC-Z28 Camaro that sometimes cuts off when you stop what could be wrong?

sounds like the carb

What is a st cut relay?

On a Toyota Landcruiser, it cuts power to the air-conditioner compressors's magnetic clutch when the starter is engaged (cranking engine)

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