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It's impossible to make love without touching, so unless he is using "toys" instead of himself physically then you are having some form of touching. Some men can find it difficult to ejaculate and much of it can be psychological. The best thing to do is communicate your concerns over this with him and that you miss the touching and caressing. sometimes guys are just as scared of sex as woman/girls,is that so hard to beleive?

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What you do if some one touch your penis?

You ejaculate if they touch it enough?!

How do you get maximum pleasure during lovemaking?

first kiss her and than slowly touch her vagina after that put your fingers into it and than your penis and during sex keep kissing her all around the body

If semen get in touch with anus can you be infected with hiv?

If the ejaculate is infected with HIV, then yes you can.

If you touch the girl with my penis than the girl will be pregnant?

No, because all you did was touch her, not ejaculate sperm into her vagina. That's the only thing that will make her pregnant.

Did Jenna want Toby to touch her inappropriately in Pretty Little Liars?

yes she does but he refuses to

If you get pre-ejaculate on your fingers and then touch yourself can you become pregnant?

It is possible. Pre-ejaculate often contains sperm. It should be treated like it might be a disease carrying liquid.

How do you make yourself ejaculate I'm a guy?

masturbate. just experiment and touch penis, stroke it until you come. its kind of a self learned process i recommend you ejaculate in the shower by the way easy clean up.

If you touch your pre-ejaculate and after a few minutes you put your fingers in your girlfriend's vagina can she get pregnant?

Yes, pre-cum is the clear liquid that is often sticky and drips out of the man's penis (before an orgasm). If your pre-ejaculate comes into contact with your girlfriend's vagina its raising a chance for her to get pregnant, as pre-ejaculate can still contain sperm.

Can dry pre-ejaculate on hand cause pregnancy if I touch her vaginal area and she gets wet but she is wearing underwear?

highly unlikely

How can you tell if a cat's paw is broken?

Watch him for a day or two, if he refuses to put weight on it/screams when you touch it, Its best to bring him to a vet.

What do doctors touch during a physical?

During a complete physical, the doctor will touch just about every part of your body.

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend touches himself and gets little pre-ejaculate fluid on this fingers and touch the outer part of the vagina?

Yes. Pre-ejaculate fluid is likely to contain sperm, as this came into contact with the vagina there is a possibility of the girl getting pregnant.

Can you feel pre-ejaculate if you touch it Can you feel it on your hand and fingers?

Yes, you can feel pre-ejaculate on your fingers or hands. Though it is a small amount and mostly clear fluid, you can see it too. However, when inside a girl, neither you or the girl will see, feel, or notice when pre-ejaculate comes from the vagina. This poses a risk for unintended pregnancy.

Does the penis have to touch the uterus in order to become pregnant?

no. the penis will probably never touch the uterus as the cervix is blocking the only route. all that needs to happen is to ejaculate inside the vagina or even on the outside and it drips in might get a girl pregnant

How do you make love to your lesbian girlfriend?

Kiss and touch your girlfriend, go with what feels good. There is no exact science to lovemaking. Watch her face, or listen to the sounds that she makes. most girls will let you know what they like. Good luck!

Is it okay to touch her sexually during class?


How come during a soccer game you cannot touch the socccerball?

You can touch it. Just not with your hands or arms.

When you play volleyball the palm does not touch the ball during a?

During a bump or set

Can you get pregnant if pre-ejaculate did not directly touch the vagina but touched the lips of the vagina?

Only if he had masturbated after he last peed. The urethra can contain semen, and precum can pick it up.

Can the ball touch the net during a rally in volleyball?

Yes the ball can touch the net, but the player can't touch the top of the net or bottom.

Can you get pregnant if the penis did not enter inside the vagina?

If the man ejaculated even outside of the woman's vagina, if his sperm gets inside her vagina she can get pregnant. For example if you masturbate your partner to get him fully erect for sex and then he puts a condom on for sex, if you then touch your vagina with the same hand and it has pre-ejaculate on it you can get pregnant. This is from small amounts of sperm cells in his pre-ejaculate. Even if he uses a condom and it doesn't split or slip off and he doesn't ejaculate inside you.

In volleyball is it legal for players to touch the net?

No a player cannot touch the net at all during the game.

Can the basketball touch the court during a throw in?

yes it can