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Most likely the codec (format) was incorrect. See the technical specifications for your iPod to see exactly what codecs and settings are supported for playback on your iPod. there must have been something wrong with the download!! did you download it from iTunes? Did you try plugging in your headphones? :P

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How do you fix iPod mini sound?

What exactly is wrong with it?

Why won't limewire movies snyc onto your ipod nano?

They are in the wrong format. get an ipod formatter to make it mp-4

Can you watch movies on a iPod Nano or on a 80gb iPod video?

You can watch movies on an ipod nano and an 80GB.

Can you play your iPod movies on TV?

Yes. You can see movies from your iPod to your T.V.

Can you put movies from a disc on your iPod?

If the iPod is able to play movies in the format you are using and there is enough room to store the movie then you can put movies on your iPod.

How do you put movies on iPod nano?

well it depends if on the ipod it has an icon that says movies and if it doesn't then you cant put movies on it

My Ipod won't sync all the movies?

well if the movies are on itunes just put them on the ipod manually if they are on the ipod they can not be transfered to itunes

Can you watch itunes movies on an IPOD nano?

Movies cannot be watched on the current iPod Nano.

Can you watch movies on a iPod nano?

Yes. But if you want to convert movies that you already have to iPod format, than I recommend the cucusoft ipod converter.

Where are movies located on you IPod Touch?

in the movies app

What movies can you get on a iPod Nano?

SD movies from iTunes

How do get movies off your iPod nano 5th gen that you filmed?

If you film a movie on your ipod it should be in the category movies and camera videos then you go on itunes AND into your ipod folder then movies then drag into library

Can you play movies on the 3G iPod?

It depends on the iPod model.

How do you know if your iPod is capable to play a movie or not?

On your iPod, if you go to the menu and it says Movies then that means it can play movies.

Where can you watch movies online on your ipod?

No where but YouTube. The only video program an iPod has is to allow YouTube to display videos. No other video source can play videos or movies. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> This is wrong. You can watch videos on dailymotion and some other websites but only if it isn't using flash.

How do you watch movies on iPod Nano?

If want to put DVD movies on iPod nano, you can use Aimersoft Mac DVD to iPod converter:

How can you get movies onto your ipod?

sync them on through itunes. Under devices click on your ipod. Then on that screen click on movies. Follow this guide: "How to convert movies/videos to iPod?" ★★★★★★

How does a iPod produce sound?

noise comes out of an ipod

Can iPod movies be transfered to DVD?

Yes, of course, you can convert the iPod movies to proper format, and burn it to the DVD. that's it!

Where do movies go on an iPod touch?

They go into the movies section on the iPod Touch. you go on the appp called the movie app and get them

How many movies can a iPod hold?

it depends on what giga bite ipod you have.

Can you watch movies on a ipod nano or a 80gb video?

Both, but only the new ipod nano can play movies. [Note: I would not download movies on the 4gb nano]

How do you put films iPods touch?

To put movies on the ipod all u have to do is go to itunes>ipod(have to be synced of-course)>movies and then check "sync movies" ;) ;p

How do you get free Movies on your iPod Touch?

Any place that offers "free iPod movies" is a dangerous place to download iPod movies from. You will most likely get a virus or some sort of spyware. Great iTunes alternative website for downloading iPod movies and the files are safe and secure and virus-free. It is well worth spending a couple of dollars to buy an iPod movies than to spend $100 having a virus removed from your computer.

When did movies get sound?

Movies started to get sound in 1927. They were called 'talkies'.