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If this is not a heatpump, the problem is likely a low refrigerant charge. Have a service technician check the pressures and also perform a leak search. If they only add refrigerant and do not perform a leak search you are not getting your money's worth.

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Q: What is wrong if the air conditioning condenser freezes?
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How do you change the air conditioning condenser on a 1999 Dodge Grand Voyager?

Remove the belt from your 1999 Dodge Grand Voyager air conditioner condenser. Remove the air conditioning hoses from your condenser. Remove the condenser retaining bolts. Remove the condenser wiring harness. Reverse the process to install your new air conditioning condenser.

What are some causes for air conditioning units to burn out fans?

Dirty condenser coils or condenser air restriction

Does a 1995 f250 have a condenser?

If it has an air conditioning system, yes.

What is an air conditioning condenser is full of?

Refrigerant R-134a.

How do i clean the airconditioning on a 1998 Daewoo lanos?

You can clean the air conditioning by vacuuming out the air conditioning vents. You can also clean the air conditioning condenser vent screen.

Where is the Air Conditioner condenser on a 1998 Mercury Sable?

The air conditioning condenser is at the front of the vehicle in front of the engine cooling system radiator

What is the thingi n front of the radiator called?

Air conditioning condenser?

What is the function of condenser in laboratory?

The condenser receives hot high pressure gas refrigerant from the air conditioning compressor.

How do you replace an AC condenser from a 2007 Kia Rio?

Begin by removing the air conditioning condenser belt. Remove the air conditioner hoses. Remove the air conditioner condenser retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new air conditioner condenser.

1989 Chrysler LeBaron where is the air conditioning condenser?

It is between the grill and the radiator.

Is a condenser part of a car motor?

No, it's part of the air conditioning system.

What is the most common cause for short cycling of Air conditioning system?

A dirty condenser

Where are Air Conditioning condenser fins located in a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

Between the radaitor and the grill.

Condensor or condenser which is the correct one to use regarding the outdoor unit for an air conditioning system?

CondenSER is correct. CondenSOR is not a real word. Regards!

Where is location of low pressure air conditioning line to recharge air conditioning?

95-01 LOW SIDE at the passenger side motor mount...The HIGH SIDE is at the condenser.

Where is the AC condensor located on a chevey cavalier?

The Chevy Cavalier air conditioning condenser can be found on the top of the engine. The air conditioner condenser will be on the left-hand side of the engine, near the front.

How do you change ac condenser for 2002 ford explorer?

Have the air conditioning system dischargedRemove the air filter housingRemove the radiator protector cover and the upper air deflectorPush the inner air deflector forward for additional clearenceDisconnect the refrigerant inlet and outlet lines from the condenserOn Explorers with rear air conditioning disconnect the spring-lock coupling on the rear air conditiong outlet lineRemove the accumulator bracket bolts and position the accumulator with the air conditioning lines to the sideRemove the left and right radiator bracketsRemove the left and right condenser core bracketsCarefully move the radiator forward and remove the condenser.

Do you need the air conditioning condensor to drive your 93 ford tempo?

No, the condenser is a mini radiator for the air conditioning system only. The engine cooling system is separate from this component. You just won't have any cool air!

Who created condenser air conditioner?

Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first electric air conditioner in 1902. He is known as the Father of Modern Air Conditioning.

What should a technician remember about the head pressure of a high-efficiency air conditioning system?

check condenser

How do you fix a frozen air conditioning pulley on a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier?

If the pully on the air conditioning condensor won't turn, the condenser needs to be replaced. Call a local salvage yard - this is the cheapest way.

1996 Cadillac eldorado condenser?

There is no condenser on a Northstar engine - they're all a completely electronic and computer controlled ignition system. However, if you're referring to an air conditioning condenser, there will be one - it will be mounted in front of the radiator.

Where is the air conditioning dryer located on a Hyundai Sonata?

It has a combo condenser/dryer. Don't need a seperate dryer part.

What is the cost of a home air conditioning condenser?

depends on the tonage and make of the unit. estimated any where from 1,500 to 4,000 dollars..

Where is the AC condenser drain hose in a 97 Jetta?

The 1997 VW Jetta air conditioning condenser drain hose can be found on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain hose will direct condensation to the bottom of the engine compartment.