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It is very hard to diagnose over the internet accurately, so it's important to visit your doctor or gynaecologist to get checked out. It's probably something minor like a yeast infection that can easily be sorted out.

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Q: What is wrong if you have a feeling to urinate often and a yellow discharge?
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Why do diabetics urinate often?

Diabetics urinate often because their body is not in balance. Anything can happen when your body is not in balance.

What is the difference between constant urination and frequent urination?

The difference between constant urination and frequent urination is that with constant urination one is always feeling the need to urinate. With frequent urination one needs to urinate often but not all the time.

What are the signs of a urinary tract infection in a male juvenile?

Burning while urinating, and often a yellowish discharge and "itchy" feeling in the urethra.

What is gonorrhea discharge like?

In women, the discharge often has a green color, but women with gonorrhea may not notice any unusual discharge. Men may have a yellow or green discharge from the penis.In men, a white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis that usually appears 1 to 14 days after infection. Sometimes men with gonorrhea get painful or swollen testicles. This disease is sometimes called "clap" because men would "clap" their penis to remove the discharge.In women, increased vaginal discharge, or vaginal bleeding between periods is seen. It is a cloudy discharge.It may be green or yellow, or a woman may have no change in discharge. If you're at risk, get tested.

Is dark yellow urine normal?

When your kidneys are holding on to water, the urine is darker. If you drink a lot of water or soda, you will notice that it is lighter and you need to urinate more often.

How often do bearded dragons urinate?


What are the reasons baby bunnies don't urinate?

The kits (babies) still urinate but they are small animals and don't go often. My Flemish Giant didn't urinate a lot when he was a kit but since he's grown he goes more often.

Why would there be stains on his undies?

Men often can stain clean under shorts from their urine. When they urinate they give their penis a shake or two, but that doesn't always stop urine stains. Also men can discharge from their penis similar to women's vaginal discharge. There is no reason to feel your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you.

When you go to the bathroom even if you sit and pee for a long time you still have to go what does that mean?

If you are feeling as though you need to urinate often, you may have a bladder infection. Your doctor can give you antibiotics to cure this.

How often should you urinate in a day?

16oz I know!

How often does a person urinate in a day?

It depends on the person.

How often do camels urinate?

Every twenty minutes

What causes you to have to urinate after drinking alcohol?

The liver is breaking it down so quickly that its trying to get it out of your body causing you to have to urinate often.

When is the appropriate to send a yellow rose?

The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.

How often do small dogs urinate?

Dogs should urinate every 8 to 10 hours at 20 ml per pound.

Do you urinate more when you drink alcohol?

Yes, alcohol dehydrates your body, which causes you to urinate more. When you drink, you should drink water often.

Why is it that you often urinate during cold days?

bladder shrinkage

Why do urinate too often?

When your blood sugar level is on the higher side, you have a tendency to urinate too often. Those who are having prostate problems, have no clear urination at a time and go to urinal frequently.

What does it mean when women need to urinate more often?

either you have a small bladder or an infection

What can cause white milky discharge?

This is normal. Discharge often happens between periods.

How do you prevent urinary tract infections?

To prevent a urinary tract infection, you need to urinate often. Do not hold it in. You should also urinate after you have sex.

When ever you drink a lot of water you urinate very often?

This is normal,

How often do mice urinate?

They thought they would be better off friends.

Why do pregnant women urinate often?

The baby put pressure on the bladder.

What does the term void mean?

In medication terminology, it often means "urinate."