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What is wrong if your 1989 Ford Taurus 38 V6 only clicks when you try to start it?


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Caution! Disconnect battery cables before making any repairs. A short circuit can cause serious burns, fire and/or explosion.Many parts stores will help with tests. 1. Test the battery to make sure it is not discharged or worn out.

2. Check the condition of battery cables and connections. Clean or replace as needed. Don't over tighten side post connections. This can strip the threads, break seals.

Quick check: headlights should not go out when you turn the key to start. 3. Check the solenoid on the starter. If it is not on the starter follow the positive cable from the battery to the other end this end is connected to the solenoid. Sometimes it is on the side wall. Make sure all connections are clean and tight.

4. If all the above check out good the starter motor may be bad. Many parts stores will test it free if you remove it and take it in.


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