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What is wrong if your car's high beams work but not the low beams?

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check fuses, if good, possibly burnt bulbs or wires, check for voltage at wires.

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2000 Chevy Cavalier low beams do not work but day running lights and high beams work what could be wrong?

As a guess both low beams are burnt out The daytime running and high beams are the same light filament. Or the fuse or the relay for the low beams.

Why will my high beams work but my low beams do not on my 1994 Chevy half ton?

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

Why would your cars low beams work but not your high beams just on line headlight?

Fuse or bulbs burned out. On most they are separate bulbs or high beam filament is broken if 2 in 1 bulbs.

Why do the low beams not work and the high beams work on a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

If low beams do not work and the high beams of a Mitsubishi Eclipse do, it is probably due to a corroded connector. Simply clean the connector and add some petroleum jelly to the terminals.

What is needed to activate your fog lights so they work with the courtesy lights and the high beams in a 2003 Hyundai elantra gt?

I believe that it is illegal to run fog lights and high beams together, however I could be wrong.

Why do turn signal only work when high beams are on?

Take your car in to have it checked. Turn signals should work without high beams.

Why wont high beams work high beams work?

First check the bulbs, if the bulbs are good I would suspect the high/low beam switch is bad.

When turning on head lights in my 1993 ford explorer they do not work when you hold the high beam switch then the head lights work?

your bulbs are burnt out. when you switch on the high beams its only the high beams. but when you flash your brights it lights up both high and low beams.

Why do your high beams work but not the low beams?

check all the wires that ground coming from the headlight

2002 vw jetta Low beams do not work high beams still work?

Bulbs are burnt. replace both. low and high are together in the same bulb.

Why would the high beams on a 1994 Thunderbird work when the low beams do not?

Headlights have two filaments; one for low beams and one for high beams. There is a good chance that the low beams are burnt out. This doesn't necessarily mean that the high beams won't work. However, it's not too common for both low beams to burn out at the same time. Of course, it could be a fluke. I would replace the headlights with new ones and then go from there.

Why would Headlights turn signals and interior lights not work but the high beams work only when you hold the high beam lever back what would cause this problem?

Try pushing the high beam lever forward. In some cars pulling this towards the driver only "flashes" the high beams, like for warning another driver. To make the high beams remain on usually requires the lever to be pushed forward. Either that or you have a defective switch in the turn lever that needs to be replaced.

Why do both headlights go out when you turn brights on in 1994 jeep cherokee?

The low beams turn off when you switch to high beams. If the lights don't work with the high beams on either both high beams are blown or the high beam circuit has problems and you'll need to figure them out.

Why are the low beams not working but high beams work on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Replace the bulb. The low beams and high beams use separate parts inside the bulb. If replacing the bulb does not fix the problem, check the fuses.

Low beam bulbs work on the high beam wires?

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Usually low beams have its own coil, high beams have its own. They work on separate cirtcuits.

Low beams work High beams did not work on a 2000 ford ranger?

Check fuse # 33 - it states headlights , DRL , gauge cluster

Your high beams switch is broken in your 2001 Honda accord how can you fix it?

If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

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