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What is wrong with a Genie Pro 88 as it suddenly stopped working when you press the transmitter the light in the garage comes on but the door does not open?


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Take off the cover for the lamp and you will see a rectangular hole with a jumper plug on the left side as you are looking at the unit. Remove it and put it back in. There are three pins so make sure you jump the two pins on the right as you are looking at the unit. I own two Genie pro88 and have been plagued with the same problem. I finally removed the circuit board and soldered a piece of metal to jump the pins permanently rather then use the jumper plug. These pins are for the optional electric eye. If current doesn't run between the pins, the door won't close. Or if it's a dirty connection, the door will start to close then auto reverse back open because of a bad connection with the jumper plug. The lights will turn on when you press the button but to opener does nothing. It gets old and the metal on the pins and the jumper plug get corroded, therefore, it's not a clean connection any more. Turn the power off to your Genie before you do anything to it. Good luck.