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most likely your ignition switch is bad. is not breaking the circuit.

Or your vehicale is running so rich (air to fuel ratio) that the catalitic converter is glowing red hot from working so hard to burn up the unburned fuel. So in theory even though you turn off the ignition which usually kills power to the coils ( the source of ignition) your car will continue to run because now the source of ignition is taking over by the red hot cats. This is most common on carbed vehicales, because fuel injected vehicales supply of gas along with ignition is killed when the ignition is switched off.

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Q: What is wrong with a car when you turn the car off and it still is running?
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What might cause your service enging light to come on?

There are about A thousand things that will turn the light on, If your car is still running fine it is likely that there is nothing major wrong, You can take it to be checked out, I suggest Auto-Zone for A good running car.

Why does my car turn off while it is running?

Because there's something wrong with it. For a more detailed answer, take it to a mechanic.

Why when you powerwash your engine while its running now the engine is still running but the car is not physically moving what could be wrong?

Because it's in park.

What is wrong with your car if you turn the key to the on position and then turn it to the off position and the starter is still cranking?

starter solenoid sticking

When you turn the car off its still running and you cant remove the key?

one more click

What if your stereo will not cut off when you turn your car off?

it is still running off the battery, most of the time it will turn off when you open the door

Why is it that when you turn the car off its still running?

Could be that your idle speed is too high, or engine is running too hot causing the PMC to deliver a richer mixture,

What does it mean if a car is not running?

that something is wrong with it

Why is the air conditioning fan still running when you turn off your car?

It's probably the catalytic converter fan; not the a/c fan.

Why is the fan in your car running after you turn the car off?


Why do your head lights on 1987 grand prix turn of when car is running?

Because the car is equipped with daytime running lights

Who is in the wrong when a car indicates to make a left turn then goes to turn and gets run into by a cyclist?

The driver of the car!

What do you do when your car is running hot?

there is something wrong with your car. It's not supposed to run and its not supposed to be hot at the same time. Maybe its running for a fashion contest

Why will the tail lights on a 2002 Ford Explorer's Eddie Bauer Edition NOT TURN OFF tried every fuse and wire possible and finally had to disconnect the battery Any ideas?

If it is still on when your car is off it may be a sensor to your brake lights that may need looked at. If it is on when your car is running it may just be something to do with day time running lights. If it is still on when your car is off it may be a sensor to your brake lights that may need looked at. If it is on when your car is running it may just be something to do with day time running lights.

Why wont the clock go off when you turn the car off?

your key is probably still in the ignitionA bit more:The clock in my car continues to run even after I turn it off and remove the keys. The car battery is what keeps the clock running, but it uses so little power that there's no danger of it running down your car battery as it would if you left your headlights on.

What could be wrong when all gauges radio and air conditioner go out when car is still running?

Blown fuses for these accessories most likely. if not you have an electrical gremlin good luck.

Can oil be put in a car while it is running?

You may get splashed with hot oil and get burned if you add oil with the car running, why don't you just turn the car off and add it??

Your passenger rear side turn signal will not work and flashes really fast inside the car which indicates a bulb is out but you have changed both bulbs but it still will not work in the rear?

wrong bulb in the rear wrong bulb in the rear

You have finance a car and she refuse to pay because she say that car is not running?

She still has to pay with the car working or not.

My car key won't turn in the ignition?

Perhaps you have the wrong key

Will Water in your spark plugs keep the car from turning over?

Water around the outsides of the spark plug may keep the car from running due to poor spark plug wires, but the engine should still turn over.

Why does abs light remains on when car running?

Because the car thinks that there's something wrong with the ABS system. Get it checked out.

You Connected the battery to wrong terminal corrected but car is not running right why?

You cross the battery.

What does it mean when it sounds like the engine is still running after you turn off the car?

That piece has been recalled just take it into your Mazda dealership and they will replace the recalled piece. I had the same issue

Why does a furnace motor constantly run?

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