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Is it more fuel efficient to leave your car running or shut it off?

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keep it running for short times

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What feature in a car fuel makes it more fuel efficient?

A car has to be fuel efficient. It means it has to completely burn the fuel.

Does is use more gasoline to start and stop an engine or to leave it running if only for a short period of time?

Leaving it running burns more gas. Today's electronic fuel injection systems are much more efficient and do not flood the cylinder with gas until needed. Older motors, with carburetors, may burn excess gas at startup. That's where the idea comes from that it's better to leave it running.

How are cars made more fuel efficient?

Lighter weight, more aerodynamic, and more fuel efficient engines, transmissions, and tires.

Will removal of the catalytic converter on a Jeep make it more fuel-efficient?

It will use more fuel if you remove the catalytic converter.

Why are petrol engines not used on heavy vehicles?

The diesel engine is generally more reliable, has more power, and more fuel efficient.The diesel engine is generally more reliable, has more power, and more fuel efficient.

Is Freightliner the most fuel efficient brand of semi truck?

There hasn't really been a brand of semi trucks recognized as the most fuel efficient. Since they run on diesel a more efficient fuel, semi trucks already are more fuel efficient than cars in terms of size and power.

Is using the ECT button in a VCV10 1995 V6 Camry more fuel efficient and economical?

No, it is less fuel efficient.

Does running air conditioner burn more gas?

Driving with the windows down and AC off at lower speeds is more fuel efficient. At higher speeds(45+), having the windows down will create more drag and it is more efficient to have the windows up with the AC on.

Is it more fuel efficient to drive a car backwards?


Why did Chrysler put the fuel pump in the gas tank?

Electric pumps are more efficient pushing versus pulling and the fuel cools the pump.Electric pumps are more efficient pushing versus pulling and the fuel cools the pump.

What are the best priced fuel efficient luxury cars?

When it comes to fuel efficient and luxury cars the best bet is to compare hybrid-engine designs. More and more luxury car companies are now coming out with fuel efficient hybrid-engine designs.

Are Honda civics more fuel efficient as manual or automatic?

A manual transmission civic is more fuel efficient than an automatic transmission. That goes for just about any car.

Which is more fuel efficient CRDI or TDI engine?


How do you write the sentence Our school needs a heating system One that is more fuel-efficient than the current system properly?

Our school is in need of a heating system that is more fuel-efficient than the current system. or Our school needs a heating system more fuel-efficient than the current one.

Are diesel pickup trucks more fuel efficient?

Yes a diesel pickup truck will be more fuel efficient than those that run on normal fuel. Diesel is designed to run longer than the regular fuel however it comes at a higher cost.

Which cars are the most fuel-efficient?

Any car that is labeled as a "hybrid" is going to be more fuel efficient. Some of the most fuel-efficient cars of 2011 are the Nissan Leaf, the Telsa Roadster, the Chevrolet Volt, the Smart car, the Toyota Prius, and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Why you used diesel in small car?

It's a more efficient fuel.

Are fuel efficient SUV better then the standard?

A fuel efficient SUV is probably better- not only does saving fuel save the Earth, it also helps you save money. On the other hand, standard SUVs may be cheaper, and making fuel efficient vehicles can sometimes use more energy than normal vehicles. In the end, it's still probably better to go fuel-efficient.

How have cars progressed?

because they have got more comfortable, powerful, fuel-efficient, and more safe.

How does the shape of a vehicle affect its fuel consumption?

The more aerodynamic, sleek and light it is the more efficient it will be.

Why does driving slower save fuel or is more fuel efficient compared to driving faster to the same distance Isn't fastspeed n lesstime equal d same amt of fuelusage compared to slow speed n more time?

Driving faster uses more fuel for two reasons. First your engine is running at higher revolutions per minute, which uses more fuel. Second your car is encountering more air resistance the faster you go, which means your engine has to work harder and consume more fuel. Typically vehicles are most fuel efficient when well maintained and traveling at 45MPH, anything beyond that and air resistance multiplies exponentially.

What car accessories would make a car more fuel efficient?

there is no accesory for that

What does a turboprop do?

a jet engine that has a propeller which makes is slower but more fuel efficient

What is one reason you should develop more hybrid vehices?

They are fuel efficient.

What is the more efficient sport car?

The Mazda Miata is very fuel efficent.