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What is wrong with my Direct tv r-10 receiver cannot channel while recording?


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If you're unable to change the channel while recording, it means you have a signal problem on one cable. You may have 2 Satellite-In cables coming from your dish. Having 2 cables provides 2 satellite signals and allows you to change the channel while recording a channel. Without those 2 signals, you're only going to be able to record one channel while having to watch it. To resolve: check to make sure you have both cables connected to Satellite-In 1 and 2. Both these cables should be coming from your dish. Do you get a message that says "Searching for satellite on sat-in 1 or 2"? If message says Sat-in 1, disconnect the cable at Sat-in 1 and reconnect. If Sat-in 2, vice-versa. Did it work? Great! If it didn't work, try disconnecting both cables and switch them and reconnect them (put sat-in 1 on sat-in 2 and vice-versa). This will help push the signal through. If this fails, reset the receiver by leaving it turned on and unplugging it from the power for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and let it reboot. If this fails, check your exterior cabling to make sure your cables are in good shape and not damaged and no loose connections anywhere. If all else fails, call DirecTv and you may need a service call.