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Mites could have gotten into the food. Mites can cause hair loss to hamsters and other small rodents. Also, it could have been old age. Hamsters will live 1-3 years. If you have a 2 or 3 year old hamster, it could loose hair. Especially the males.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-22 23:47:44
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Q: What is wrong with the hamster if it has recently started losing fur on all of its legs and on the back left side?
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What is wrong with your hamster shes losing hair and it looks like she has mites?

If a hamster loses its hair, it usually means it has mites, but it could be something else.

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Is something wrong with our hamster if he doesn't roll around in his hamster ball?

No, there is nothing wrong with your hamster. My guinea pig never runs around in her ball, and your hamster may just be getting old.

Is there something wrong with my hamster?

If you believe something is wrong with your pet you should see a vet or a rodent specialist to help as soon as possible. Whatever is wrong with your hamster could kill it.

What if your hamster keeps falling to one side?

If your hamster keeps falling on to one side there could be a varitey of things wrong with her, right know my hamster is dying, she is losing massive amounts of blood from her bottom and can't stand up, the loss of blood id making her week and she also keeps falling on her side, but she is old, shes 2, another thing that could be wrong if she is a young hamster is that she cold have something broken in her, I suggest taking her to see a vet. Well best luck to you hamster, I hope it turns out better than mine.

Your guinea pig is losing her hair and has diarrhea. she has recently given birth what is wrong?

Some times the babies will chew on the mothers hair and this will cause bald spots.

What if your hamster is laying lethargic and is shaking and making little squeaking sounds what is wrong?

There could be many things wrong. Normally when a hamster is ill it will carry on as normal. If it won't move around much its likely the hamster has something wrong with its stomach or intestines or any other organ. Its best to take the hamster to the vets as it could be in great pain. Its cruel to the hamster to keep him alive if he is very ill.

Do Chinese hamsters change color?

i dont know my hamster has just started getting dark colour fur on his body and i dont know whats wrong with him this didn't happen with my other hamster she either got samonellis or she froze to death. : (

Is it illegal to have a boy hamster in California?

no infact its not illeagal anywhere! ::You are wrong. It is illegal to have any hamster in Hawaii.

What is wrong with your hamster when it is breathing slowly and not moving?

its sleeping....

Can you play with boy hamster privates?

No, that's wrong.

Why does my hamster dribble when she's running about free?

I wouldn't worry, my hamster always dribbles, and there's nothing wrong with her!!

What is wrong with your hamster when it has both eyes shut?

its probably sleeping.

What is wrong if your hamster wont open his eyes?

Its probably dead

If a hamster spites its food out at you dose it mean your holding it wrong of doing something it doesn't want?

normallly not most of the time it does not like the food your giving it. or your hamster has something seriously wrong with it. :->

What is wrong if your hamster is running in circles?

Your hamster may have a problem which is causing him diziness and confusion. I think it is just safest if you get him checked out by a vet.

What will be wrong with your hamster?

hamsters are prone to have diabetes, diarrhea, malocclusion, and mites.

What does it mean when a hamster shakes a lot?

it might be shocked or something wrong.

Why does your little black bear hamster squeak is she okay or is there something wrong with her?

your little black bear hamster is fine he may be just a little agitated you might just need to give your hamster a brake let it sleep a while so the answer is no nothing is really wrong medically

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He is breathing heavy and not moving and twiching a lot .What is wrong with my hamster?


Why is a hamsters bottom bloody?

That means something is wrong with your hamster go to a vet.

What does it mean if a hamster constantly squeaks?

It probly needs something, give it some food if that does not work take it to a vet to see what is wrong wicth your hamster.

What is wrong with a hamster if it keeps itching and cleaning itself?

Nothing. Hamsters always clean and itch themselves. They just have a tendency to do that, my hamster does that. Hope I helped =)