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What is wrong with tracfone's website?

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It doesn't work! Get a different provider!

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Where can you buy Tracfones?

I don't believe there is a Tracfone store but you can buy them on the Tracfone website. ( You can also buy Tracfones at stores such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Who makes tracfones?

Tracfones are made by the same phone companies that make phones for the big carriers: e.g. Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and so on. However, most Tracfones are lower-end and less feature-rich than the contract phones.

Does Mobile Phones Direct carry Nokia Tracfones?

Mobile Phones direct do not carry Tracfones. They do carry a variety of Nokia phones available for use with T-mobile, O2, vodaphone, and Orange. Tracfones are carried at a variety of retailers such as Wal-Mart.

Do tracfones minutes include texting?

Sadly yes

Are all tracfones phones junk?

yes, no one wants them

Will a tracfone work in an area that the same tracfone is not sold?

Of course. Tracfones use the At&t network, and work anywhere in the United States. It works even in places where tracfones aren't sold. Don't worry about it. Other than being paid differently, tracfones are very similar to normal phones paid by contract.

How many times has this website been wrong?

These answer are probably always wrong. I wouldn't use this website if I were you because you never know if their right are wrong .So go to some other website and get the answer you need.

What is wrong with the miniclip website?


Are tracfones as good as cell phones?

I have a Tracfone and it is a good phone as long as you don't waste your minutes!

Why are the answers on this website always wrong?

there not always wrong if you ask the questions properly.

How do you correct wrong info in your website?

You log on to the website as administrator and correct the errors.

A large stream?

This website is so wrong

How many chromosomes does a seahorse have?

this website F. All the answers are wrong. S this website

Why does this website give wrong answers?

This website gives the wrong answers because it runs on peoples information and ther are people that don't know what the hell their talking about!

Where is the reset button on the lg 800G tracfone?

try taking out the battery. most loose info when they reset tracfones

What year was this website made?

4 sec. ago so its not a good website, everything is wrong

Why are You sending people to the wrong website is not right? is the correct website for safeway employees.

What website is the best Q and A website?

I feel it would be wrong to say anything other than WikiAnswers!!.

How do you use the internet when there is something wrong with your main website?

I say find a very good website such as Bing and msn ifthoseare not your main website

Should you trust this website?

Yes but not always it could be wrong.

How do you know if a chicken egg is fertile or not?

what the is wrong with you get off this website

If a website has the wrong price listed on their website do you get that item for the original price listed?

Well, you say that you have looked on the website, and then say well you need to update your website, then they will give you your item for the price on the website if it was cheaper on the website.

Do you have to pay to browse on a tracfone?

You have to buy extra minutes or use your minutes up on some tracfones I'm not even sure you can browse....

I want the best cell phone plan.?

Tracfones are the cheapest prepaid phones available. You can find these phones at your local wal-mart.

Why are the answers on this website mostly wrong?

They can be wrong because foolish people don't research their answers, or they purposely put wrong answers to destroy the credibility of this site.