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What is wrong with your hot water tap if no water is coming out of it?

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Just one tap or all hot one's? Just changed a sink and the hot water side had 4 inches of buildup in the supply line both ways from the shutoff valve.

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No hot water from the upstairs sink tap?

Is the water not hot? Or no water coming out the hot tap? not comming out at all

Why is dirty water coming from hot tap?


Why do you not have water coming out of the hot water tap?

The water is probably frozen in the pipe

What is wrong with your hot water taps if no water is coming out of it?

If this is happening on one tap only then you have to turn off all water and take the tap and the shutoff valve under it apart. The problem may be a broken washer.

There is only hot water coming out of a cold tap why?

By pass

Why Have i got no hot water coming through my mixer tap?

Something is wrong in the control unit. Take it apart and remove central part, take to store, get a replacement kit and fit it.

Is hot tap water safe to drink?

No, never drink hot tap water, but cold tap water is actually really healthy for you!

What type of water freezes faster tap water hot tap water salt water clear water?

hot filtered water

Is hot water tap water?

Hot water is simply water that is hot, regardless of where it comes from.

Is tap water from the sink different from the tap water from the fridge?

If the refrigerator water is filtered, then it would be different from the tap water coming from the sink.

Why is hot tap water cloudier than cold tap water?

Deposits from water heater.

Does hot water freeze faster than tap water?

it depends how hot the water is

Why would dirt be coming out of the hot water tap in the bathroom?

The most likeliest answer to this question would be that your hot water heater is unfortunately rusting or perishing from the inside, no amount of cleaning will help. your only option is to replace the hot water heater.

Why are you getting black water when you have the hot water on?

i think its because when you turn on the hot water tap the dirt in the tap has gone because the dirt loses the stickiness and hot water gets rids of stickiness

Why do you have brown water coming out of your hot water tap you have drained tank but it still happening and the cold water tap is running fine?

corrosion somewhere between the boiler and the tap (or in the boiler) is most likely. Give it a good clean- look on the internet for how to get the rust off it. Good luck sexy!

How do you stop the water from the hot water tank coming to the tap?

There is a shutoff valve on the cold pipe going into the H/W tank, if you close it no water will come out of the tank. There should also be a shutoff valve on the wall below each faucet/tap.

Why does hot water come out of the cold water tap?

It is broken

At what temperature is hot tap water?

It should be the same temperature that you set your hot water heater.

Why is cold water coming from the hot water tap?

This occurs when your hot water heater is either broken, disconnected, or has exhausted its supply of heated water. In cold weather, heated water may be cooling in the pipes on the way to the faucet, especially when it has just been turned on.

Is it true that you should not ingest hot water from the tap because the sediments from the hot water tank is bad for you?

Most probably the "sediments" have settles to the bottom and as the hot water is taken off the top of the heater there will be none in the tap water. Hot water will contain less calcium and other impurities (they fall out and become those "sediments" but hot water may also dissolve other compounds from pipes. I use hot tap water in my coffee pot.

What will happen if you drink hot tap water?

You will digest it.

When you put one hand in hot water and one in cold water then both in tap water what do you expect to feel why?

It depends on the temperature of the tap water.

Which is healthier bottled or tap water?

That depends on your location (where your tap water is coming from) and the source of the bottled water. Aside: I once lived in a place where my tap water and the local popular bottled water came from the same place. Bottled water comes from a tap somewhere!

Nohot water coming out of kitchen tap?

see a plumber

Why does a hot water tap partially open slowly stop flowing?

It's probably because the tap washer is made of the incorrect material for a hot tap which must have a degree of temperature resistance. If not, the tap washer could swell and expand when the hot water flows, thus cutting off the flow.