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Obviously hooked up wrong, or the faucets are mismarked . Usually cold on the right, hot on the left.

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Q: Why is hot water coming out of cold faucet?
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Is cold water or hot water coming from the faucet?

hot water

Why would hot water be coming out of the cold faucet and a toilet when other bathrooms are unaffected?

I'm no plumber, but I would imagine that (if the hot faucet is giving you cold water) that the hot and cold pipes leading into the bathroom have been somehow switched.

Hwhy do i get hot water but no water when turned to cold?

Odds are that the cold water lines to the faucet you are trying to use are shut off but the hot water lines coming from the water heater are not. That is why you have hot water but no cold water.

Can a hot water heater siphon to cold water faucet?


Why does hot water come from the cold faucet and then change to cold?

Because hot water is still in the pipes from when you turned on the hot water, and when you turned on the cold faucet it had to let out the hot water first. This means you have a single-pipe sink. Double-pipe sinks have a pipe for hot and a pipe for cold and it blends them as it turns on.

Why does hot water come from the cold faucet even when I turned off the hot water valve under all my sinks?

If you are not living in the desert where the cold water is hot during the summer, check to see if perhaps the plumbing is backwards: is the hot water faucet giving cold water? I once had hot water in my toilets.

Why do I have cold water and no hot water coming in my Fossetts?

Assuming that you tuned the faucet to hot and let it run until the hot water should have reached it, you may want to check your water heater and make sure that it is working.

Why is there no water coming out of the hot water faucet?

The faucet opening screw thread is stripped, the faucet washer has collapsed, the pipe is furred up, the boiler has a problem

Do you use the water heater when you use just cold water?

If water is only drawn from the cold faucet, then no, the water heater is not involved. However, if water is drawn from the hot faucet- even for a few seconds- hot water IS withdrawn from the heater, and fresh cold water drawn in to be heated- even if the hot water did not make it all the way through the pipe to the faucet- and the water heater will work to heat that fresh cold water.

Why is cold water coming from the hot water tap?

This occurs when your hot water heater is either broken, disconnected, or has exhausted its supply of heated water. In cold weather, heated water may be cooling in the pipes on the way to the faucet, especially when it has just been turned on.

What could be wrong if you have no hot water coming out of the shower only cold?

Do you have hot water at other fixtures in the house? If not you have a water heater problem. If yes the Shower valve needs to be rebuilt if it is a bressure balanced faucet the concentration should be on the pressure balancing spool area of the faucet.

How do you connect the sprayer to the hot and cold water?

Kitchen faucet? If so, the sprayer attaches to the underside of the faucet in the middle.

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