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try doing a Google search for wimax

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What information does a book gives you?

Books have a lot of informations. if it was about technology you will know all about technology ( it depends on the Book you have chosen. )

Write a c program to find the maximum of three numbers?

int findMax(int x, int y, int z) { int max = x; if(max < y) max = y; if(max < z) max = z; return max; }

Use Disseminate in a sentence?

The informations about the new technology was disseminated at the exhibition, news, and TV shows widely.

What is the important contributions of science and technology to society?

For transportation; medicines and/or hospital facillities; for communication; fun; and for important informations like news.

How to write an if then statement in java?

<if_stmt> --> if(<expr>) {<stmt>} else [<stmt>] for example if(x>y){ max=x; }else [optionally] { max=y; }

What does les informations mean in English?

Les informations mean 'the information' in English. In the context of watching TV, les informations are 'the news'.

Why is information technology losing its popularity?

I don't think so. In my opinion, informations on technology are just changing the way they are released. In other words, technologists are defining which is worth to show. But losing popularity, never will happen. Is Technology that makes the world survive, always.

What content can be found on the PS10 website?

The PS10 website is a website which offers informations about learning opportunities for children. They offer classes in Maths, Science and Technology.

What is a word that means technology that starts with y?


Who is Maria Y Orosa?

Maria Y. Orosa is a filipino Scientist.She contributed in food and technology.

What is Max Weber known to be popular for?

Max Weber is known to be popular for being the "father of Modern Technology". Max Weber is also known as the founding figure in the field of sociology.

Write a C plus plus program and flow chart to find the largest of the 3 numbers?

To find the largest of three numbers, first find the largest of two numbers: int max (int x, int y) { return x<y?y:x; } Now you can use this one function to find the largest of three numbers: int max (int x, int y, int z) { return max (max (x, y), z); }

What has the author Max Rojas written?

Max Rojas has written: 'El turno del aullante y otros poemas'

What has the author Florentino del Arco Valverde written?

Florentino del Arco Valverde has written: 'Actas y atestados' -- subject(s): Forms, Informations

What is the difference between information technology and information communication technology how are they applied in today's world and are they engineering terms?

---- ICt-is the tudy of technology used to handle informations and aid communication -it utilized the way on how IT Can Worked -They are systems so that Infrastructures or IT Can be used examples are Globe,Smart Broadband,Satelites and Channels

What has the author Y Pomeranz written?

Y. Pomeranz has written: 'Food analysis' 'Wheat chemistry and technology'

How do you say design and technology in spanish?

diseño y tecnología

What is an electronic that begins with the letter Y?

The technology device is yahoo

What are some technology words that begin with the letter Y?


Where can i buy new air max 2012?

It may interest you that I am a very big nike brand fan and I have the best link where you can get what you want . Please visit for all the informations you need.

What has the author John Shortt written?

John Shortt has written: 'Informations (criminal and quo warranto), mandamus and prohibition' -- subject(s): Informations, Mandamus, Prohibition (Law) 'Informations (criminal and quo warranto)' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Prohibition (Writ), Informations, Mandamus

For Sims 2 pets on GameCube what's the max motives cheat?

To get Max all Motives, L,L,R,A,A,X,Y

Does the word 'informations' exist in English?

It does, as does the word Englishes. The correct use of "informations" would be very rare; most people probably never ever use it in the plural. You are safest if you stick to "information".

How do you find and return the minimum and maximum of two values using macrosand ternary operator?

#define MIN(x,y) ((x<y)?x:y) #define MAX(x,y) ((x>y)?x:y)

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