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What is yeast called in Telugu?

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What do you say yeast in Telugu?

Yeast= కాడి Pronunciation: kaaddi Yeast = నురుగు. Pronunciation: hurugu. Yeast =రొట్టెలు వుబ్బడానికి పులుసుగా పెట్టెడిది Pronunciation: rottttelu vubbddaahiki pulusugaa petttteddidi

What are cranberries called in Telugu?

Cranberry is called Vaakaya in Telugu

What is gooseberries called in Telugu?

In Telugu gooseberry's called as 'usirikai'.

What is spinach called in Telugu?

what is spinach called in telugu

What is yam called in Telugu?

Yam in Telugu called as Kanda Dumpa.

What are Brazil nuts called in Telugu?

what is a brazil nut called in telugu

What is wal nut called in Telugu?

what is wal nut called in telugu

What is nutmeg in Telugu?

it is called Jajikaya in telugu...

What is called walnuts in Telugu?

onkayapulusu in telugu

What is MILLET grain called in Telugu?

Millet grain are called RAGULU in TELUGU

What is canary seeds called in Telugu?

Canary seeds are called Gantlu in telugu

How do you say apricot in Telugu?

in Telugu it is called as KHUBHANI

What is turmeric in Telugu?

turmeric is called as "pasupu" in telugu.

What is called maca in Telugu?

maasamu is the meaning in telugu.

What is justice in Telugu?

In Telugu, justice is called as 'nyayamu'.

Work in telugu?

In Telugu work is called as 'pani'.

What is gingelly called in Hindi and Telugu?

In Hindi , Gingelly is called "TIL" In Telugu, Gingelly is called "NUVVULU"

What are chia seeds called in Telugu?

Chi seeds are called visa ginjalu in Telugu.

What do you call cilantro in Telugu?

Cilantro in telugu is called "kothimeera". where as the seeds are called dhaniyalu

How do you say cheese in Telugu?

Cheese is called vennapusa in Telugu

What is celery stick called in Telugu?

celery in Telugu is "saraswataku".

Apricot in Telugu?

Apricot In telugu its called as khubani or jardaloo

What is the meaning of hing in Telugu?

hing is called inguva in telugu.

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