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the sat has three components math,critical reading and writing.the act has four components:english language,maths,critical reading and science.thus when we compare act scores to sat scores we are infact comparing appels to Oranges.

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The fastest way is to compare the percentile for that score. The ACT provides a table at, and provides a chart:

If you're looking for a formula, there's nothing official, but you can check out a formula drawn from college admission data at:

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They are unrelated tests.

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Q: What is your act score in English converted to sat score?
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What is required SAT score to get into the University of North Florida?

SAT and ACT score minimums depend upon High School GPA. Test score averages for incoming students are 1200 SAT, and 24 ACT.

What ACT score is required to get into the university of Chicago?

it's required 29 ACT score or sat 1340

Will you get accepted into Vanderbilt University with a SAT score of 1310 and ACT score of 21?


What is the SAT score required to get into Sam Houston State University?

The SAT score required to get into Sam Houston State University is 1,500 out of 2,400 for verbal, math, and writing. It also requires the score of 18 for English, 22 in Mathematics and 24 for Science in ACT.

What is the minimum SAT or ACT score needed Ohio dominican University?

An ACT score of about 35-36 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University. A SAT score of about 600 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University.

Where can I learn about act sat conversion?

There are many online site that make if easy or convert ones ACT score to a SAT score. Some the the better known site include ACT website or studypoint.

What SAT and ACT scores do you need to get into the University of Arkansas?

If you want to get into the University of Arkansas, you must have an ACT score at least a 20. You must also have an SAT score of at least a 930.

What is the required ACT score to enter Georgia Southern University?

In order to attend the University of West Georgia you must earn a certain score on your SAT and ACT test. The SAT scores required should be between 1340 and 1590. This will include a score of 450 to 540 in critical reading, 450 to 530 in math, and 440 to 520 in writing. The ACT requires include a composite score of 18 to 22, an English score of 18 to 23, and a math score of 17 to 22.

What is the average sat act score for incoming freshman at otterbein?


What GPA and act or sat scores are required for University of Florida?

* On the ACT with writing test, a composite score of 19 is required with a minimum of 17 on the English subsection, a minimum of 19 on the math subsection and a minimum of 18 on the reading subsection.

What act score do you need for hunter college?

Hunter College requires the SAT, not the ACT. Freshman applicants on average have a score of 1220.

What are the academic requirements to get into Yale including ACT and SAT scores?

The average SAT score for Harvard is a 2200.