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Not sure about the gasoline part but if you have Diabetes you can smell of acetone on the breath and urine. Check it at the doctors because it's a serious condition when you are pregnant.

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Q: What is your diet lacking if you like the smell of gasoline and nail polish while you are pregnant?
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Is it safe for a pregnant woman to smell fingernail polish remover?

The smell of fingernail polish remover could make a pregnant woman feel nauseous or faint. It is best to stay away from toxic fumes during pregnancy.

How do you get gasoline smell out of dogs fur?

How do I get gasoline smell out of dogs fur

Why does gasoline smell?

Gasoline contains benzene,C6H6, which naturally forms in crude oil, and is furthur refined in gasoline used by our cars. It has a characteristic sweet smell. It is also a known carcinogen.

Why does gasoline smell like gasoline?

because it does. problem? no? ok byee:)

What takes gasoline smell out of clothes?

gasoline odor removal from clothes

After installing a fuel filter why is there still a gasoline smell?

only 2 reasons if here was no smell before changing filter. did you spill gasoline? the smell will go away. is the filter leaking?

Is the smell of nail polish bad or good for you?

The answer is yes. The smell has numerous amounts of chemicals which can harm your brain... There are some nail polish companies like "Acquarella" that don't have a scent though there could be a smell that we can not detect that is not as bad for us as other nail polish smells...

Why you smell gasoline at all times any where?

I could be in the shower and I could smell gasoline at work at the mall in my house at all place at all times

What is an anosmic?

As a noun, an anosmic is a person lacking a sense of smell.

How do you say smell in polish?


How does gasoline smell?

Because of what it is made from

Why does nail polish smell so much?

Because of all the chemicals in Nail Polish.

Can you use gasoline to thin oil base paint?

It will thin it, but you shouldn't use it. Whatever you paint with it will smell of gasoline.

When you refuel then drive away why do you smell gasoline?


Is tar harmful for pregnant women to smell?

No, not at all . as long as you are not heating it up and smelling the hot fumes. Some pregnant women get a hankering to eat coal too so I suppose there is a connection. Maybe the body is lacking in a minute amount of trace element and this is natures way. Hope this helps.

How do I get strong gasoline smell out of my leather shoe soles?

The smell of gasoline comes from the vapors it gives off. In time, the smell should disappear naturally. If you'd like to speed that process up, a good cleaning with a saddle soap will help.

Can you use gasoline in a Coleman lantern?

Yes, gasoline works pretty good in a Coleman although it does smell.

What smell do cats hate?

Most seem to hate the smell of mint and citrus like oranges. They also seem to hate nail polish and nail polish remover.Hope that helped! :)Cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits; oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, etc..

Do cats die if they smell nail polish?

Probably not

Can the smell of nail polish remover kill cats?

no but it can kill pigieons

Does butane gas smell?

a mild gasoline odour

How do you get gasoline smell off hands?

Cola and Vinegar

Why do your balls smell like gasoline?

I be farting a lot so I think the fart gets stuck in my balls

What is that smell when you walk past a nail shop?

The solvents used in nail polish and nail polish remover is the most likely answer

What kind of medicine or drug smells like nail polish?

Chemicals caled esters smell like nail polish.