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Q: What is your family's greatest achievement?
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What was the greatest achievement of the new stone age?

The greatest achievement of the New Stone Age was the development of agriculture. This marked the transition from a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to settled farming communities, leading to the rise of civilization and the development of complex societies. Agrarian practices allowed for increased food production, population growth, and the specialization of labor.

What was the greatest achievement of the Inca empire?

The greatest achievement of the Inca empire was the building of Macchu Picchu.

What is Bobby Orr's greatest achievement?

Bobby Orr's greatest achievement ever was that he was a defenseman with an offensive mind.

What are Montesquieu's Greatest Achievements?

Montesquieu's greatest achievements include his contributions to political theory, particularly his concept of the separation of powers and his exploration of the importance of political institutions in maintaining liberty. His work, "The Spirit of the Laws," remains a foundational text in the fields of political science and law, influencing the development of democratic government systems. Additionally, Montesquieu's ideas on the balance of power between different branches of government have been influential in shaping constitutional frameworks around the world.

What is greatest achievement being gay?

The greatest achievement of any gay person is to live a happy, healthy life.

What was the greatest threat to a slave familys stability?

The greatest threat to the stability of the slave families is that the family members were separated from the rest.

What was the greatest tech achievement of the Chinese Han dynasty?

The greatest achievement of the Han Dynasty was the seismograph and the art of making paper.

Why is language considered humanities greatest achievement?

Language is considered humanities' greatest achievement because it allows for complex thoughts and ideas to be communicated and shared between individuals. It is essential for the development of culture, art, philosophy, science, and all other aspects of human society. Language enables humans to create meaning, build relationships, and pass on knowledge from generation to generation.

What was Solomon's greatest achievement?

His temple

What is the greatest achievement of a mother?

your birth

What was the greatest achievement in Victorianism?


What was Pocahontas greatest achievement?

Her greatest achievement was saving john smith and making her live better