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The greatest threat to the stability of the slave families is that the family members were separated from the rest.

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Q: What was the greatest threat to a slave familys stability?
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What was the biggest threat to a free slave?

death - ...I would say being captured

What was the greatest fear of white slave owners?

black will rebel

Why was the radical republicans a threat to southerners?

They would not allow the creation of any new slave-states.

What lesson did southerners learn fro the Nat Turner rebellion?

Slave insurrections were an ever-present threat.

Harriet Jacobs says that the slave girl's greatest personal curse is her?

Harriet Jacobs states that the slave girl's greatest personal curse is her beauty. This is because her beauty attracts unwanted attention and abuse from her white masters, leading to a life of fear, exploitation, and vulnerability.

Why did slave rebellions have little chance of success in the southern US?

because most slaves weren't thought of as a threat.

Why did slave codes become more strict?

Slave codes became more strict because slave owners wanted to maintain control over enslaved people and prevent uprisings or revolts. Tightening restrictions and implementing harsh punishments were seen as necessary to ensure the stability and profitability of the slave system.

Why would a slave owner want a slave who had lost hope?

A slave owner may want a slave who had lost hope because they would be less likely to resist or attempt to escape. A slave who has lost hope may also be easier to control and manipulate, making them more compliant and submissive. Additionally, a slave with no hope may be seen as less of a threat to the slave owner's authority and power.

Why were spirituals a threat to slave owners?

Spirituals were often sung to pass along coded news and messages among the field hands.

How were AFRICAN people used as slaves?

They were captured by slave traders who tied them up and forced them to walk to the ships under the threat of weapons.

Why did John Adams kill crispus attucks?

Was he involved in trying to stage the slave uprising against the plantation/slave owners?Following in the footsteps of Chris( the slave who organized the greatest revolt against the white plantation owners)

The first slave auction in New Amsterdam took place in?

Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada, There were 323 slaves gatherd together and selled to many people around the world as a buyer they wanted to make them work! Family were seperated from familys