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Your great grandfather's child is either your grandparent or your great aunt or great uncle.

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He would be your great great uncle, but you could call him whatever endearing name you both prefer. my great grandfathers brother or my great uncle

At most, each person has: 1 Father 2 Grandfathers 4 Great-grandfathers 8 Great-great-grandfathers - etc. If there have been marriages between cousins, the number of individual ancestors may be reduced as one person fits tow or more places on the family tree.

Your father's brother is your uncle. Your Grandfather's brother is your great uncle. Your Great Grandfather's brother is your great great uncle.

Just as your dad's sister is your aunt, your grandfathers sister is your great aunt.

my great great great great great grandfathers uncle

I believe you would call them your great great uncle.

Your grandfathers brother to you is your Great Uncle!

That depends upon which family line you wish to follow. Like everyone else, Prince William has two grandfathers, four great-grandfathers, eight great-grandfathers... and so on. If you follow his male-line paternal ancestry, his sixth great-grandfather was Prince Karl Anton August (born 1727, died 1759) of the dukedom of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck. However, if you follow the lineage of the British monarchy, another of his sixth great-grandfathers was King George III (1738-1820) of the house of Hanover.

Your grandfather's brother is your great uncle.

Your grandfather's uncle is your great great uncle. Your grandfather's brother would be your great uncle

My great great second, half, brother in law who's great great grandfathers....son.

yes...because we've been under the Spanish colony for 333 years..and most of our grandfathers and great grandfathers are 100% Spanish..

The possessive form of the plural noun grandfathers is grandfathers'.example: Both of my grandfathers' names are George.

Yes, along with your grandfathers' sisters, if any.

Your great grandfather's sister is your great great aunt. You are her great great niece or great great nephew, depending on your sex.

Your great great great great grandfathers son is your great great great grandfather, or your first cousin five times removed.

Henry VIII and some 15 other men were great great great grandfathers of Elizabeth II.

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